1. cpt Drew

    Turning my Grades Around

    CONTEXT: Recently throughout secondary school, I've experienced a lack of motivation which results in my lack of effort being put in school. I've done quite well with Crypto/Stocks so I always thought that the ATAR just determined how fast you got to your desired dream job. Fundamentally, I...
  2. I

    Should I Do Maths Ext 1?

    Hey guys, I am currently doing 5.2 math and am wondering whether to do Extension. I got a 91 percent in my report this year and find the content that they teach boring and dull. All of my subjects are very science and math based My studying skills and my skills in math are improving at a rapid...
  3. J

    Bachelor of Applied Finance vs Bachelor of Commerce (Finance/Accounting)?

    Hey guys, I'm still a 2021 HSC student and I want to get into the financial sector as a career path. What's the difference between these two degrees? My main concern is that the Bachelor of Applied Finance may be a bit too specialised to the point where it may be detrimental in the future -...
  4. L

    idk what selective schools i should apply to for

    ok so im currently in year 9 hoping to apply into a selective school for year 10 2022 im a straight A student, GPA of 5.0, DUX of my grade since year 7 and running...., im in the volleyball team, debating team, art club. i do piano and clarinet etc. im not from a selective school though. i also...
  5. A

    Is tutoring really necessary?

    So I currently go to a tutoring centre in the Hurstville area. It's basically like Matrix, so it teaches you extra stuff with theory and homework. This is my first term trying it out, and overall, it's decent. However, it is very costly, and I'm not too sure if I should continue it. Had anyone...
  6. T

    Hi! I'm planning to do a Q&A with some 1st year university students and experienced teachers on entering university. Please comment any questions!

    Hi! So I run a small YouTube channel QingClear and I'm going to do a video interviewing some university students and experienced teachers on the university experience. As 2021 and 2020 has been a year of uncertainty, I would love for you guys to comment any questions here about entering...
  7. C


    hey guys can anyone please read through my short answers it'll be highly appreciated? :(
  8. queenb_3

    Advice for ATAR >95

    Hey guys! Just a question, if I'm aiming for an ATAR above 95, say around 97, 98, and hopefully 99 etc, what are some things I should be doing in the last few weeks rounding up the HSC? How many HSC papers should I aim to complete each day? And what are your thoughts on rewriting essays...
  9. queenb_3

    Legal Studies Multiple Choice Improvement?

    Hi guys! Does anyone have any feedback as to how I can improve my multiple choice scores in legal studies? I'm doing really well in every other section but this section just pulls me down? Any advice? Thanks in advance!
  10. queenb_3

    LAT help

    Hi y'all! Hope you're all doing well! Does anyone have some advice regarding the LAT (law admissions test) for UNSW? And to anyone that has sat it and is currently studying law at UNSW, can you please provide some guidance? What's it like? Anything we should go over? What should we really...
  11. B

    Please.. begging for some guidance

    Hey all, Really new to this so apologies if I post this incorrectly formatted or smth. Okay so, I completely failed adv maths the entire year getting around ~52% for all my exams. For my trials, I am getting less than 20% because I barely attempted anything. Maths has always been a core failure...
  12. H

    How should I structure my Literature review for my Scientific report ?

    I am writing a report for science extension and am unsure of how to write and structure the literature review. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks
  13. queenb_3

    e12 application advice? help!!

    Hi guys!! So I'm drafting my e12 application for usyd and I was wondering if anyone have any advice to offer? What can really make my application stand out? The first question is about activities, how that would benefit you at uni etc. The second is in regards to best academic achievement...
  14. E

    Year 11 Subjection Selection

    Hi, I am in year 10 and am looking for advice or tips on subject selection. I am looking to study: 1. English Ext 2 2. Maths Ext 1 3. Chemistry 4. Biology 5. Legal studies?? I am planning on dropping whatever 5th subject I choose so that I have 11 units for yr 12. I am interested in legal...
  15. elephont

    Best economics dictionary?

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone had reccommendations for an economics dictionary? I remember someone saying it may be useful so could anyone give any advice? :read:

    90+ ATAR?

    Hey, I'm going to sit the trials soon, was wondering if I'd be able to finish the HSC with a Band 6 for Business Studies if I got 90% in trials and the external exam. Also, is it possible for me to get a 90-92 ATAR with these marks, what should I be improving? and how much of a factor are my...

    UOW Degree Advice !?!?!?

    Hey, I'm currently in Year 12, and I'm quite interested in Finance. I was wondering what the level of Mathematics would be like in a Bachelor of Finance & Mathematics. The assumed knowledge is Mathematics Advanced, and the recommended studies is Mathematics Extension 1. However, I only do...