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this guy state ranks 4 units of english and you guys can't spare 10 dollars for his personal advice rofl
Mate Honestly lemme give you a massive hug, giving all this stuff away for free. I don't know how many poeple you have saved for the HSC but you are a superhero.
everything is explained clearly and the provided diagrams are good too
they are soo good thank you
I found these really useful, love the steve rogers thing
I found these tips really informative, specifically breaking down what to predict in each part of the exam and time management.
very insightful piece
thanks daniel
Great resource! It would be wonderful if you could upload your notes for the rest of the chem modules. Thanks so much!
Y’a pas de quoi ! Bonne chance pour tes examens ! 🙏🏻❤
While this is an excellent resource it is unfortunately out of date.
Whoever the original uploader was – thank you. This has helped tremendously in my study for the preliminary course thus far.