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really good!! i used this to enhance my notes further but it can be used regardless of where you're up to :) an amazing everything bagel x
Exactly what I needed, it's insane. Relieved so much stress. Am freaking out about English, but knowing that I've gotta better handle on Society and Culture now is helping a lot. Thank you very much.
so glad to hear this! hope everything goes ok! :)
Solid info, thank you very very much for sharing.
Thank you very much - in words I understand and had all the information needed.
Succint and easy to understand (given simple wording and many diagrams). Very grateful as I've never been so good with my sciences. Bio is my only science or maths-related subject, so this helps immensely. Thank you.
Helpful, easy to understand and kind of saschx to share.
Whoever you are, thank you so god damn much. YOU SAVED ME and all of these notes that you have uploaded are AMAZING. GOD BLESS YOU THANK YOU
yessss thankyouuuu looks really good
What mark did you get for this piece??