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  • 500 or 0.500 is considered 3 sig figs, so I can see why you lost the mark.
    It's tough marking but it's what will occur in the HSC, so I agree with it.
    I only just saw your visitor message from over a month ago!
    To clarify, no it is not a requirement for semiconductors to be group IV, there are numerous compound semiconductors which do not have group IV elements in them at all, one of the most common being Gallium Arsenide (GaAs). However, although I don't agree with it, for the purposes of the HSC, we really only look at 'element' semi-conductors, all of which are Group IV -- the semiconductors we always talk about are the ones with 4 electrons in their valence shell. Your teacher is probably the same, although there are many more answers, he/she wants the students to use the ones which would earn them marks in the HSC.
    Unfortunately with the HSC, sometimes knowing too much is a disadvantage :\
    yea true that. especially private schools. i know north sydney boys accelerates 2U maths and geo. .don't know anyone else. guess we're special? haha
    no i don't go there. i go to a private school :) is that penrith high school? that was a wild guess. so i sound like someone from your school eh?
    Uhm lol.

    I am expecting a 92 for 3U and 90-93 for 4U. Don't really want 100. My other subjects will suffer.
    I don't really, I just find sources and read some proofs and interesting stuff on wikipedia.

    Why must my cohawt be so goodz. Teacher expecting us to get all 95+ :/
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