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  • Hey someth1ng :)

    Since you are, in my eyes, the physics and chemistry guru around here, do you happen to have any year 11 chem notes I can get a hold of? Reason being is I'm learning chemistry atm and the textbook doesn't really address: IUPAC naming for carbon compounds so I'm a little stuck. If you can suggest to me any sources I will be grateful :)
    Hey you send me the chemistry notes instead of physics. Can you please send me the physics notes.

    Ah fair enough. Good luck!

    What're you thinking of doing at uni?

    Uni year just ended for me so I'm just chilling around until I head overseas.
    hey someth1ng, I saw your post on the '42 hours' thread and you said an extra one or two hours of studying is enough. Can I ask how many hours would you suggest daily? 3-4?
    Thank you in advance.
    Q11: The diagrams do not illustrate an AC induction motor, rather the principle behind the operation of an induction motor (changing magnetic field will induce a current in a conductor), the one which illustrates this most correctly would be (c)

    Hope that helps :)
    Hey mate,
    Q6: Key thing is that the Oval is not centred around the magnetic pole, keeping in mind that the magnetic field would be weaker the further away from the pole that it is (just like further away from a bar magnet -- B-field gets weaker), so the answer is A. What you say about magnetic field strength being independent of area is only true if the magnetic field is of constant strength, whereas in this scenario, B-field is not constant.
    Q7: This is referring to how AC can be stepped up/down and hence different instruments requiring different voltages can all run off the same AC source, hence more easily adapted
    Q8: Speed of an AC motor is limited by the rate at which the AC input signal changes (i.e., frequency), not the magntiude of current/voltage itself. So, regardless of voltage, the maximum speed of an AC motor connected to our typical AC supply would be 50Hz or 3000rpm.
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