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  • left bos because it was boring af only came back because some of the bosers i talk to said there was a shitstorm but it was underwhelming :lol: Yeah ive been alright just so ceeebs for uni
    Hey Aysce
    Voluntary tutoring - this was mostly through people I knew within my (cultural) community who had a tonne of connections. I think the best place to start (as it was in my case) was just writing to people in media (newspapers/magazines) and talking to them about what you want to do.
    Nursing homes - I had an aunty who used to be pretty high up in the ranks at one
    Soup kitchen (just chucked this one in bc it came to mind) but I also did a spot of volunteering at Westmead Childrens - my sister was a long term patient for a while and I got to know the ward staff and her surgeons well which helped out.

    I think it was just a matter of luck and knowing the right people, but the best thing to do is write/see people in person. Always seems to get more responses than emails/telephone.
    Good luck :)
    haha fair enough! :p

    yeah i went, it was sooo good :p

    was waiting for someone to possibly approach and be like "heya madharris" but no one did :p haha
    hey bro, i know u dont give a fuck about business anymore but do u think u can help me with a business report? or not?

    (I just need some suggestions on what to cut down)
    Haha nah dw bro, in hindsight I can see I was rather intrusive. You want me to delete those VMs? But yeah, I wish you luck in your next attempt :D. Tell me how med sci is when you get into uni brah, I'm considering doing it myself possibly
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