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  • rofl, no probs mate - I'll make sure it's a long permanent one :p

    Just kidding, I'll probably be quite light on my infractions/warnings/bans.
    Not sure if you heard but I got my phone stolen haha- can you give me your number and I'll call or text you
    Oh srs- that'd be heaps cool. I think the others had a meat like two weeks ago when I was in QLD (you might have been too). Anyway, I'm about to have dinner but I'll FB you after and we'll try sort something out :)
    you're getting pretty good at snake, its too bad that you're the shittest cunt and will never beat my record
    study is going okay. i've reached a point where i don't want to look at another past paper lol
    just going to look over notes. you?
    Yeah good- I was getting worried for a sec lol but then I realised it had to be a troll haha. No one else is near though
    how'd you get 12.7 for the pH? Its the ionisation of an acid lol and its the same question I posted earlier in p00n. Or are you trolling (I really can't tell haha)
    I don't know tbh. I haven't looked at papers yet- has it ever come up before? Jacaranda talks about how transistors work with PNP etc. but their explanation is confusing as eff. I'm currently looking over semiconductors now though- I'll see what these guys have in their notes and let you know
    I legit know absolutely nothing about cars so I don't know if thats good or if its a good price or anything lol. From looking at it- it seems solid but yeah, I can't say if its worth it or not haha. That'd be heaps cool if you've got your own car though- I can only drive when either my mum or my dad aren't using their cars
    Is that a specific syllabus dotpoint? I've never seen it in anyones notes or in textbooks etc. I guess if they ask a question, I'll just BS about a guy called A***** B***** who works at ANSTO/CSIRO and does some highly important research there :p
    Oh soz haha- forgot to reply to your previous one. State ranks come out in the arvo after HSC results so you can sorta predict if you got one by looking at the marks. And why do you need practising scientists for phys? I thought the only thing we needed was just one for chem with that BS dotpoint at the start of chem monitoring and management?
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