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  • I live a bit too far away from there to be jogging :p. But I can see how you would have come to that conclusion - I was wearing my old HS jersey, plus my HS shorts and socks and for good measure, I had my Year 6 shirt on underneath. Ultimately though, I had such a great time doing it again - it was definitely a good decision going back.
    How come you dont want to do Med anymore? Journalism sounds pretty good, are you thinking of joining the BoSers at USyd.

    I do Commerce now (I was doing Law/Commerce before), I dont like that either, but I like it slightly more than Law.
    The HSC can be tough - especially when you add in the Med goal (trust me I know). I dropped out of Law a few months ago.
    No, why would you say that! :( thats a very negative attitude. UMAT is in june or july right? There is sufficient time to prepare yourself for the types of questions on hand. Do not be phased by the difficulty becayse eveyone isin the same boat and NO ONE finds it a piece of cake. Keep your chin up, good luck! :D
    Harro :) haha don't apologise for the questions, ask away! Glad to help :)

    yes after you pass the threshold it's not really considered a factor anymore unless by some massive miracle you're at the bottom of the list with interview and umat tied with someone else (very unlikely to happen lol)

    Yes, usually after trials. Its often done by the principal or the teacher in charge of directing the hsc admin side of things, really depends on ur school so its something u have to find the answer to yourself.
    Not bad, I've been a bit busy with uni and the first few weeks were tough. But lately I've been finding more of a rhythm. So how's things with the HSC?
    Just because I decided to go all Wild Thornberries instead of being home working on my MW :p Smashing!

    And nocturnal life is annoying, even the internet gets boring like 5 AM-7AM especially.
    Why though? It makes responses so much easier to read. Dont forget, a response can still have nice language and stuff and retain its simplicity.
    It is a bit all over the place - just use simple language and nice flowing sentences to convey what you want. The paragraph is bogged down with fancy word play and such.
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