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  • i figured that is it. i think a lot of web 1.0 communities such as this have been consolidated into large, web 2.0 aggregators like social media sites, reddit, etc. it's actually kind of unfortunate because with that aggregation has meant a lot of things have been lost - such as more individualised communities, greater site community feel, etc. also vB offers a better browsing experience than the fairly primitive board system sites like reddit use. its a case of 'progress' not necessarily leading to better things, and actually accompanying a loss of features
    i'm sorry, it's been so long since i checked in here! but i would love if you could send me that. we've already done our essays but i'd like to see another example.
    Hi there, I would really appeciate your advice on what steps to take to set up / write a great thesis statement from the question. I know my content very well, know how to write with evidence etc...but stumble with the 'set-up' thesis.
    Doing essay tomorrow on Significant Person for HSC exam - and find it hard to write a thesis to set it up as 'judgement' statement against the question. Can you give a few hints / steps to converting the question to do this?
    Hey! So i was scrolling through one of the modern history threads and i noticed one of your posts on the question 'Evaluate Hitler’s role in the Nazi state between 1933 and 1939'. I know it's been a long time since you posted that but i was wondering if you could remember more detail of the body paragraphs, i am honestly so stuck on what to write.
    Thank you. :))
    Hey mate!

    I don't really go further than TM Lewin :haha: but I've heard great things about the quality of Montagio (website: http://www.montagio.com.au/) who do personal tailoring only at reasonably affordable prices and InStitchu (website: https://www.institchu.com/) who have a good collection of suits and do reasonably priced tailoring too. There's not much over $700 from either which is a bonus in my books.
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