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  • on the bus?

    really? i thought that was twinklegal

    maybe you as well - i can't even remember :( (let's continue this over fb because i'm not sure if i should talk about it ~in public~ yet)
    i dont even remember the last time i saw you :( (when was that again)

    and yeah sorta - i have six months left but it's sort of dawning on me i won't be at uni anymore and everything that means as well... it's bittersweet. in some respects i'd like an extra year, but in other respects i just want to get out and start my job
    waaaaaaaat - i thought you did commerce like all the other asians :p

    Thesis is going... ehhh okay. Apparently I've done more than past students at the same time but.. I feel I'm semi-behind, my supervisor is very demanding but that's good, it makes me feel I need to continuously do stuff. how many more years do you have anyway

    Nah I start next year - still have half a year left to finish Honours. how come i never see you at unsw anymore :(
    Im still kicking - I just realised the other day that Ive been doing this for 4.5 years now...

    Oh yeah? Pop up on fb and tell us? hahaha im interested. Damn, that sounds so good! What's the go with that? My circumstances are basically the same - was thinking of doing Adv Sci at USYD but sticking to med sci (Hopefully not a big mistake LOL). Other than that, I've just been going out more and trying to balance things out :). Coming back from Thailand tomorrow so looking forward to seeing everyone again.
    Sozza, I had to possess another person's account. Aysce is dead ie. I changed his pw and I can't recover it LOOOOL!

    How is life? I know right? I never see you because you're at UNSW - it's been like...more than a whole year ahah :'(

    Hope things are going well though! :)
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