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  • Hi D94,
    Just wondering if there was any activities you would recommend for the coop rural scholarships? Also what kinds of things do you get to do in later years mechanical engineering?
    All good man.

    I did actually answer the question at the start with my first line, then added a bit more to my post just for the fun of it, then someone asked something and the rest of the thread got derailed and has turned into a match of UNSW vs USyd.

    Clearly the answer to the thread is a lot more obvious any way.....

    Should have had the thread locked after your answer lol.

    By the way, I might not be able to get any meets going soon, but my idea of Friday afternoons fits quite well, though I'm not sure how many people are up for it.
    Hey man I am wondering if you started your mech eng "industrial training" (60 days required) already.
    They recommend us to do it by the end of year 2 or 3 ,
    but I think by the end of year 2 we are still pretty clueless about the industry.

    Also, Is it possible to get those internships if I don't have PR ?
    I'm currently first year in engineering (chemical) straight degree usyd.. and wondering what WAM/gpa I should be aiming for to transfer into a combined commerce/engineering degree in either usyd or unsw

    can i transfer after sem1 or wait a year?
    Ok. Just see how you go with it but I think you would be in a good position.

    I won't apply now because I have a lack of experience. I would only bother to apply maybe next year (or maybe mid this year) and that depends on how committed I will be (not really sure because uni is starting soon).

    But its up to you and personally you would do a much better job than anyone else with all that extra experience :)
    True. I guess its just like a good cycle of experience where each new student will gain experience and pass it on to the next new student.

    I'll most likely see what simple projects Elsoc has in the first year, then move onto EngSoc projects to build the experience up from 2nd year onwards.
    Awesome. That's actually the type of work I would prefer on a project like that.

    Plus, I'm not ruling out the possibility of doing a Mechatronics minor because I'm sure I will enjoy the control systems work involved.

    I knew it would be the best choice for you.

    Do they also allow electrical engineering students help out in some of those projects?

    Can imagine it would fun with my previous experience in a segway project.
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