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  • This is a little late...but are you still selling these? If you are, how much are the module A, B, and Extension essays? :)
    lol cools its a nice course! perhaps see you at uni next year then haha =]
    i'm doing an internship in a law firm in hk atm and some times i didnt have much to do so decided to go on bored of studies which i havent been on in a long time haha... its fun seeing the next bunch of hsc graduates get results and discuss and talk about going into uni lol =]
    Lol, the teachers are so relaxed, whilst all us students are falling to bits.
    Yeh I've managed. I've realised minimal study is good for reduced stress before an exam, but not too good after. Now for two weeks of trial study! But how's the major work coming along?
    nope :( I went to one in Hurstville a few weeks ago. Met Ross Gittins and got his autograph :p To be honest, the lectures weren't very good (and it was $30!)
    I hope I meet you in uni :D

    and yeah, make up those ranks in the trial! I've gotten all my marks back except for eco. Eco is soo boring.. I have a really crap teacher. She's making us summarise the whole textbook by ourselves. She never explains anything and whenever you ask her a question, she gets annoyed. and the worst thing is..... she thinks she's a good teacher.
    why is 4u english a bitch? when's your major work due? and what's it on?
    considering the fact that you have trial soon + a major work.. it must be really tough for you! at least its the holidays ;) are you doing anything in the holidays?
    ahh parents. they totally don't understand how we feel. My mum is better than my dad because at least I can talk to her about my problems.
    have you gotten all your other results back?
    yep, all mine finished :D trials next =(
    how about you?
    everything's going fine, except for maths :( dropped like 6 ranks in maths. oh geez..
    besides that, I think I'm surviving quite well. how about you?
    btw, all you watching the soccer? I'm not coz it's too late and I'm not allowed to stay up too late =(
    despite cringing at the fact we have a girl as our pm, what I'm really happy about though is that she'll be remembered for three things..

    1. she'll be the shortest serving pm
    2. that she became pm from a leadership vote
    3. that's she's the first female pm
    I know, I know ): that's how I got to finish at 4pm yesterday! a whole 18hours before the due time! haha, better listen to you more carefully next time I guess ;)
    YESSS ZOMG it makes me feel so cheap and tacky after watching it, but it's just so addictive!
    and yes, I agree. spent half the weekend watching it on youtube HAHAHA xP
    I made it 1922!
    yay for finishing 3U! goodluck for eco!
    and I did what you told me about writing,
    and now I have 17pages :D :D :D
    also, aerath repped me my third box!
    now I have a spectacular aura around me :shy:
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