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  • hii, what hsc subjects would you recommend for a career interest i healthcare/medical:

    some subjects i'm thinking to do so far:
    - math adv or extension
    - english adv
    - pdhpe
    - caf's (community and family studies)
    - biology
    - chemistry
    i do shoe horn sonata as well, could i get some english notes and essays please thank you so much
    Hi, I was wondering if you were still selling your notes on Tom Brennan, if so, please message me at Thank you! :D
    Hi, I've tried to pm you but I'm not sure if it worked or not. Anyway I am interested in your english essays. Hope you can respond to me asap at! thank you :)
    hey mate, i was wondering if you could send me some of your past essays for standard english as i would like to read some, thanks ( email =
    hey there...

    do you have any creative writing pieces you can email me..
    my address: sh.041995(at)

    thats all i need, i do completely different subjects comparing to you..

    Thank you heaps... your a GENIUS!
    I did not research properly and I had the chance for advanced. But what's done is done, just going to try to murder standard.
    Yeah. I don't think I did as well as I expected in the first assessment task. My teacher said the essay was good but the listening task questions were answered not too badly, not too well-ly. My next assignment is a monologue based on Tom Brennan "Into the world", but I don't know how to get good marks in that. My teachers think my essays are good, but compared with Riproot and Krnofdrg, it's a piece of crap. Any tips for the monologue :D
    OMG!! For the last year I've been thinking that I can only achieve around 95-96, but now I feel hopeful. Fuck it, lets aim 98+ ^_^
    Dude I just read your sig and it said your ATAR was 99.8. What was your Standard mark? Wow.
    PANDA! Delete some of your PM messages! Inbox is full xD I can't send you a chain of 4 messages :(

    I typed like another essay which didn't send through cus your inbox is full. So i've saved it to microsoft word to copy and paste later haha. Maybe the lengths mean I should just email instead haha.
    I just wana inform you that I'm gonna start a similar thread to yours but we've done different texts bar Belonging so there's not much of a competition.

    Just doing business is all ;)

    EDIT: How would you describe the demand btw?
    ninety! (haha it feels weird saying that)
    I am totally in awe of your fully completed notes and past paper regime. (also, is it me or is there so much to study for ancient? >__>)
    need more sleep. aargh my parents woke me up this morning by playing violin and singing opera, loudly. they are possibly the worst violinist/singer in the history of music. fml ==
    I know! it's just too easy to turn the alarm off and go back to sleep.. falling asleep is pretty easy though, better than summer anyway. haha YES our oval frosted the other day >__>
    I think they went parra westfield. yay, shopping!
    mmkay, I'm going to self ground and study now! it just sunk in how much there is to do and how little time til trials and aargh. :cue feeling of impending doom:
    stressed yet? :p
    HEY, are you going to the Academic Attainment eco lectures on the 11th & 13th?
    coz i am and it would be so cool to meet you there! x)
    pswhh, don't worry, you'll be able to make up those ranks easy in the trial! :)
    YAY for surviving quite well (but i think you're rather alone there ><").
    i'mmm.. blehh. 4unit english is being an absolute bitch right now ):
    well, more like the teachers are ><" but i won't go into it in detail or i'll start crying and my parents will get pissed off at me >_<""
    but i guess apart from 4u english, everything's going okaay..? i'll know for sure tomorrow when i get my remaining results back ><"
    have you gotten all your marks back?
    i actually don't have much interest in the soccer ><" i'm more of a cricket person, because you have to be when you're curry x]
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