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  • Hey Jim, if that is your real name ;)
    I'm back online girl. How'd you go in your HSC? Me, I've been bumming around and working at McDonald's as a casual for the past nine months or so (since October). My boss went to work at another store in June; she was a lovely gal, very kind and extremely funny. Kay would occasionally take to swearing within earshot of the customers. Apparently she (the store manager) and Lee (assistant store manager) had a swear jar for RMHC (Ronald McDonald's House Charities) before I started there, but then it got taken away, haha.
    Anyway, I'm still on my P's. Could go for my greens but I'm far too lazy...mind you have had my reds since oh God forever... October 18 2010 was it? or maybe it was 2009? Non sono sicuro. Did you get your licence yet? Would like to meet you one day, you cute and fuzzy character ha. :)
    I have already done the quiz and unlocked the content, its just a few lecture slides to print and stuff. i was just wondering if Caleb mentioned anything in the first lecture, cause it would of been his lecture that was recorded. did you attend his lecture on monday?
    hey just saw you may be doing psyc at Usyd this semester on mondays, tuesday and thursdays, so am i. just wondering if you know how to access the lecture recordings on Blackboard as it wouldnt usually have a password. Nothing was mentioned about it in our lecture today so i am slightly confused.
    more than any other subject, and it doesn't even scale that well!
    Which topics are you doing for ancient? I'm doing Akhenaten, the Greek world 500-440 BC, Minoan Crete society, and Pompeii
    There is so much to remember! particularly for Akhenaten... and I have this terrible feeling that they're going to chuck random questions at us to prevent students from memorising essays.
    ahahaha lol so have you finished your notes yet?
    essay writing in ancient is a b*tch. I don't like Pompeii. It's so boring and too much to memorise. and I'm taking a risk for the Greek World. I'm only studying for the Delian League. If they ask me a question on something else, I'm doomed :(
    I get around 7 hours of sleep too. I need 8 hours to stay awake in class though. 6 hours is good for an exam
    OMG yes the winter makes it so hard to wake up and fall asleep! It was really cold a few days ago and there was ice on my front lawn.
    where are your friends getting therapy from? ahaha you're very lucky and you're doing well too.
    10 marks! definitely, ace your trials :D :D :D it's something that MUST be done! indeed, it will be our LAST FAILURE.
    I guess I'll stay in the same spot for now. I'll move to the back when I feel tired so I can sleep :D but then, the teacher might focus more attention on me if I suddenly move. I dunno, maybe I should just move now and stay there. speaking of sleeping, I feel asleep in class for 10 minutes today - we were watching a boring documentary. Sleeping in class felt soooo gooood (i didn't get enough sleep last night!) how many hours of sleep do u get a school night?
    lol today a teacher almost gave me a homework letter, but I later begged her and got away with it :p it was fun. I don't really mind getting letters home - my parents don't care anyway. are your parents strict with stuff?
    hahaha. christian is so hot x]
    you should do it more often =)
    fav subject used to be maths ext 2 but i didn't do very well in my assessment :evilfire: so I hate it now :( so fav atm might have to be ummm...economics :cold:
    amazing how a bad mark can change your attitude towards the subject.

    yaaa let's have a failure party. :cry: I feel so embarrassed with a mark like this =(
    uh huh high averages make good marks looks crap and bad marks look even worse.

    ehehhe super early cram time :p good luck with it :lol:

    out of curiosity, do you usually sit at the front or back of the classroom? I usually sit at the front, but I think I attract too much attention there. Maybe I should move to the back so I can eat, relax, draw, etc... :shy:
    ahhhh you're gonna get mx2 back tomorrow? ehehe good luck :) I got mine back today. not good at all :( you've been doing well in mx2 for the whole year- you'll be fine :)
    hmmm... I guess losing one mark isn't too bad, but I suspect that the average is going to be very high this time =( I suck at speeches.

    yup, yup. let's start writing up study notes now :D
    haha studying the day before feels terrible, doesn't it?

    wats your fav subject?
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