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  • merci beaucoup! Je suis tres heureuse que tu l'aime. Desole, Je n'ai su pas que j'ai recu ton message. Quand est-ce que tu as fait la langue de francais? Moi aussi, j'adore cette langue magnifique. Je dit, je souvent espere je peux rentrer a l'ecole pour l'apprendre.
    lol probs not dux although im going for the record of most 2nds by the looks of it, here were my rankings last year

    5th english advanced
    5th english ext

    lol haha well im interested in medicine but not bcoz of the 'prestige'. i h8 it how a lot of ppl do that. i actually really want to be a neurosurgeon so yeah its gonna be hard to get in bcoz its tonnes competitive but hey i reckon i might have a chance if i work harder.
    haha yea man thanks.. umm planning for med lol maybe u can gimme some tips on how to ace exams =) and yea chillin a bit atm lol i will hopefully get back to studying by january :L
    yeah usman :) thx 4 asking, i got 96 for 4u and 97 for 3u. im happy wit that, obviously not as good as u XD
    hi :) thanks for the friend request ^^
    i see you are currently doing the course i desperately want to do next year [well, partly]. you have my envy x]
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