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  • What electives did you choose in year 9?
    What did you end up choosing for your HSC??

    I'll read the books when I get the chance to!!
    Year 9 is going well :)
    I think the subjects i'm going to choose are: Phisics, Chemestry, 3 unit maths, Adavnced and Extension 1 english, IPT and business or legal studies.
    Did you check 'About Me'??
    My favourite one would have to be all of them except for 'The Prisoner of Azkaban' and 'The Order of the Phoenix'
    To tell you the truth I haven't read the books :read: , I have only watched the movies!!
    It's going so quick :S lol. Too fast in my opinion. It'll be all over before it seems its really begun if you know what i mean lol
    thanks heaps kat92 :)
    you helped alot!
    i was about to start crying from stress! haha
    im finding it really difficult :(
    but thanks again!
    woo :) your awsome lol
    you triggered my hypothesis ,
    ' from the time of birth , media's sexualisation of children impacts upon how a child develops their identity '

    ive found information about how parents feel pressured to keep their children up with the latest trends , & clothing such as padded bras that are available for children :)

    im planning on interviewing a dance teacher on 'choreography' and how it may be ' overly sexual' for the age group that is aimed for ?

    however , im so confused on whether i have to survey parents ? :(
    or the children , wow so stressed :(
    thanks for the welcome! :)
    haha thats honestly really nice of you , you've helped out heaps
    my topic is around ' the sexualisation of children '
    and im stuck on a hypothesis and have no idea who to survey , interview etc .

    it's really too late to change my topic i guess :(
    and im struggling heaps! ahhhh :( your help would be appreciated if you would be able to help me out on that!

    last year of schooling , i can't wait till im done! haha
    wow :)
    you've helped out alot of people on this site! haha
    im doing community and family studies & have started my irp
    but am struggling to figure out a hypothesis , how stressful! would you be able to help ?
    I thank you kindly, madam, for the reputation boost you have provided me with. I shall reciprocate such good fortune and generosity.
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