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  • hey i saw your sign and you got 84 for japanese continuers right ? would you mind telling what did you get for your raw mark ?
    are you doing math1110?
    I saw your complex numbers post, that's a task book question :) I'm doing it right now!
    Hey I saw you write on a thread that you had notes/essays on Virginia Woolf/Edward Albee, I was wondering if you still have them and would be able to send them to me? :)
    Oh, alrighty. I look forward to meeting her if I find her around. What degree is she doing?
    The chances of me running to her are slim, but so far I have not. Where does she live/what degree is she studying? I may be able to find her if she is doing the same course as me, or if she works at the university.

    Is she a relation to you, or friend of sorts?
    Hey, saw your post on Chromatics resource for english.
    Just hoping that I could get your Julius Caesar notes from you? Please?
    Thanks heaps!
    ahaha 60/40 lol, did you prepare your essay like after term 1 before the modules started or closer to the hsc?
    ah, my aos text is romulus, my father, module a, frankenstein/blade-runner, mod b hamlet...
    hay, i saw your post on chromatics english resource, what related texts or resources would you recommend?
    lol im not sure. but looking at his page, ive noticed that he left alot of negative reps for no apparent reason. you the most i think.
    I know, what you mean! It went exceptionally fast when I was doing mine. At first, I wanted it to be over, then when it was over it kinda felt rather weird. I'm sure you'll be fine if you have been committed throughout the year and have tried your best.

    Good luck! :)
    Your welcome. Yes, she is a very polite and helpful member. I haven't seen her around the forums much lately though.

    Hope that your HSC is going well so far, not long to go for you now!
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