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  • Hi, I saw on your profile that you studied international business and was wondering if you could give some advice or insights into the course as I am a first year law/ arts student majoring in international relations and was considering international business as a minor if it would help broaden my career options. Thanks
    done! omgosh you are a life saver! yep added you... the options are family and world order
    I'm doing the hsc this year and my teacher isnt that great and i made notes on crime and its like 66 pages which is crazy long so yeah, would be of great help..
    heyhey, i just realised you replied to my post on legal notes . Would you be willing to share them? :/
    IR is the compulsory core, IB is the major of our course. Then we have 36 free electives (you may choose any eligible subjects in other faculties for instance you can do 36 units of commerce/economics or science subjects if you meet the requirements and prereqs.). With my 36 units, I'm planning to make a minor in economics which requires 30 points.
    MGMT1101 and MGMT2101. As far as I know you are allowed to do some commerce subjects as there is 36 UOC free subjects.

    :) Good to see someone doing the same course! However I'm trying to get into comm/law second year :p
    Definitely before hand. I made sure that I had prepared all my related material and essay. But, I did work on my AOS creative piece throughout the year trying to tweak it and perfect it. It turned out to be a lot better and completely different to my original draft LOL
    Ok. For AOS, I recommend doing related texts of different text types but doing more literary based texts like poems, "serious" movies etc that compliment well. AND especially for AOS, make sure you prepare related material for if they ask for one, and related material for if they ask for two. I was silly and prepared for 2 and even though I still got a good mark of 92, I could of gotten a higher mark if I had thoroughly prepared one.

    Resources - Teacher resources are usually good, other people's essays which you can collaborate information from (my module B was about 40% my work and 60% other peoples LOL). Excel books arent bad, ESPECIALLY the individual ones for AOS, saved my butt :p
    music 2 can be up to 40% for performance, which includes 20% of elective performance

    oh nice =D
    hmmm yeah try to get pieces that have more sophistication so that you'll know you have lots of sophistication to work for
    then if you work to achieve those techniques and stuff you'll get a good mark =D

    apparently my parents told me not to choose easy pieces since they dont score well, especially for extension
    and people don't like music off the classical period and beforehand coz its considered boring for the markers...
    the key is to try to be out of the ordinary :p
    oh but music 1 can be up to 60% practical right?

    im playing piano for Music 2 and extension
    2 pieces for music 2 and 3 pieces for extension...
    Im playing russian rag for my core music 2, havent decided on elective piece
    for music extension, im playing 1st prelude by debussy, rhapsody in G minor by brahms and Butterfly lovers (that chinese violin concerto)
    well I do music 2 =D
    its pretty good, a problem is that my cohort is kinda lazy and they're dragging my marks down T_T
    and australian music is just ... >_<
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