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  • yeahh i did. i got 96. i couldnt even believe it!! first in my school so i was so over the moon! yeahh looking at social work :) it has alot of cafs related stuff in it as i looked up all the topics and stuff. looks like ill be doing research methodology again haha!
    what are you looking at doing?
    thanks for the continuous stream of rep that you throw in my direction for no apparent reason :D
    are you someone's troll/second account?
    LOL same actually..i've always been the youngest in my year =.=..kinda sucks...
    haha..nah...its how you advise on the basis of 'experience' that suggests your old age
    :p although im jsut stupid..so dw :)

    Its only offered as an accelerated course in my new school =.=

    haha don't worry im sure you will :)

    o have you heard bout this free IT workshop by TATA?
    i'd think you'd be interested
    although wait.. i doubt you'd wanna spend a perfect post HSC break with computers

    yup IT for the win!

    so what gmaes you into?
    fps? WoW (pssht) ?
    O which school is this? haha..you keep making yourself sound 'old' =p
    alright ma'am :p

    i desperately wanted IPT. =.= my school aint letting me

    woh you pro. what are your aims? 99.95 FTW :) what uni course you gonna do anyway

    ye i love that too. lol
    you play games? or just 'technical' shiz

    holy interactive 3D =O i could only dream of doing it at this point

    ja, google always there xD
    dayem man..google...if only noone made it for another 10 years or so ;)
    thats the thing with IT
    one good idea and you're set for life
    well actually nah..tahts pretty much with everything

    and ye i got my SC results
    did good. 6s in all :)
    Hey hey :). No worries.
    Woooah nice you've read Journey to the River Sea!! Well if you liked that you should definitely read The Star of Kazan. Yeah I've been reading a tiny bit more post-hsc but not as much as I would've liked.
    I could definitely recommend books to you :), what genres/era/type of books do you like??
    LOL sounds interesting
    even the teachers? ROFL

    ah im in year 10 still...well almost 11 now xD
    ye my new school only runs it as an accelerated course -.-..so i can't do it =(
    sucks as i've always had a keen interest in this shiz
    IPT and DAT sound good as well though
    so how'd you go in the HSC?
    was it hard?..lol..results so close by..good luck :)
    do you often develop softwares?
    haha me and my mate gonna start on some uber pwnage software..like inbuilt web browser, bmi calculator, media player..
    you name it
    well its still gonna end up being shiet..but we'll try =)
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