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  • Law/Arts at USyd. Or maybe Law/Comm. Still a bit undecided there. But definitely Law at Sydney.

    Where are you going to for Uni? What course? :)
    ofc i forgive you and eagerly await the time when we can make sweet +rep again
    sinc etc
    For example... when i found out my uai, i got a call a few mins later from UOW saying that they'll accept me into engineering @ uow, i got 3 bonus points for going to CHS, and another 3 bonus points for access scheme, so the fact that i already knew i got in was great. I got another call a few hours later saying that they'll accept me for eng/sci since i did chem (cutoff for that was 80), so with the bonus points i was still 2 down, and they still accepted me.
    I was gonna take unsw engineering out of my first spot since i knew i got into uow, but my parents said to keep it there, i might get in.
    Offers came out, im expecting to get into uow, and it just so happened that UNSW accepted me, lol!

    So yeah, *big rant*, keep what you really wanna do in top preference, there might be vacancies and they could give you the spot.
    All the best :)
    also, please dont say that :eek: there are always options, different ways to get into uni.
    i felt like that too, i got a uai of 72.15, but i still got into engineering (fyi cutoff was 88), via the access scheme.
    Just make sure that what you really wanna do is your first preference, dont go thinking that you wont be chosen, so you should change them around. If you dont get your first, there's always second, and third.
    yeah true, the fact that you choose what you wanna do at uni makes it better than highschool. Plus the atmosphere/people/etc is great =]
    uni is harder than hsc, but unlike hsc you dont NEED to get 90's in everything, which is good =]
    final exams in the next 2 weeks, i had maths on friday and im happy with how i went :)
    electrical on tuesday, been studying for that, and fluid mechanics on thursday, which ive kinda given up on =[
    oh well.. good luck with your hsc, im sure you'll do great :)
    GOOGLED WHAT? :( Werent my jokes funny though :( ?? Im just trying to get people to like me, by telling them my favourite jokes mate!!!
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