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  • hey, i was just wondering whether it was possible to remove upload bos resources?
    I uploaded one of my prelim english essays a couple of months ago and am now uncomfortable with it being available for download... since im reusing some of the same info for Module C English, and some of my mates are the plagiarising type who'd scab large blocks of info.

    Just curious, what was it?

    I think I read somewhere that it was 99.95. Sorry, my bad.
    i wanted to write you a poem. but it's getting to 1am and i'm lacking the mental capacity to do so in a way that would properly honour your ethereal being. so instead, i wish you a goodnight, and if you're on here reading this message, you should get off and do that uni work so you don't stress out too much after mid sem break :p
    lolz, no worries i only go on this site when im youtubing ahah
    er, the guy's name is stanley and he's aerospace - whatta leet kid
    omg. i should have put you on the spot and gone.
    ahah snap, you're a mod now (Y)
    ey, you went sydney boys yeah? i know a sydney boys guy doin a more extreme version of my course :]
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