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  • ahaha
    will treasure the picture too, tho wouldve prefered rolf and leisel
    /u need some1 older and wiser telling u wot 2 doo
    lol i got urs today too gurl
    didnt appreciate the sp message and couldnt read why he's taken off - to become a worm? a woman? :/

    Merry Christmas babe
    Yeah taking some time off away from your paedophillic boss post hsc sounds like a good idea :p

    We will meat and do something sometime I promise. :eek:
    What times? I'm in Newcastle atm, will probably get back around 2ish and then I have work 3-7 so um, not much time :(
    Urm yes. But I'll only get in at 3:30, and my boss will probably not have done anything all day, so I will be panicking and trying to do all the cleaning and stuff up the back. You can come but I might be a bit flurried and busy. :(

    Thursdays are the best days.
    Haha that would be the greatest thing ever. He left two months ago, but I might ask him to come back just for the next week...
    You told me to fuck off and said that I'm a bitch. Such people don't deserve to know my work dates. :(
    Wed most of day
    Thurs most of day
    Monday and Friday afternoon
    youl lose your soul then go thru agony to find it again, but when u do ull be stronger and more catholic than ever
    i find
    Nah I don't flirt with Iron anymore really. It's more just an awkward friendship where we don't talk about our drunken previous encounters.

    How many more exams do you have to go?
    No Tom can just give me head while I drive. There's no traffic anywhere near Canberra so it won't matter.

    I miss having someone to talk to on BOS :(

    Me and Tom on the backseat. You up the front with the radio on full blast. Just remember that the funny bumping noises and muffled cries are part of the music.
    Naw you have a male friend. That's noice.
    Just wait till the wedding, yeh?
    The best of everything
    That's what I wish for you

    I hope you win that prize
    Pass that blue ribbon test
    I hope your good keeps getting better
    Till your better's best!

    With every prize u win, with every song you sing
    By now you may have guessed
    I hope you get the beeeesssssstttt of everythingggggg!
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