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  • haha, it's just a normal smiley face, and tbh, i was like, please work, i never use smileys, i have no idea. haha.

    ah yeah, well, we're moving on from maths ext cause we're resigned to the fact that 50% is a reality.

    it doesn't feel much different, less guilt when i just bum around though. haha.
    haha, it's pretty good. french was quite the decent, i think i did pretty well, and chem was finished in half the time so i had an hour and a half left when i finished. waste of my time.

    haha, you can put them in but you gotta know the shortcuts :)
    must spread rep =[[[.

    have fun with that maths assignment?

    i got another one of those emails lol. i thought that bit in my sig was supposed to make them go away haha. this one was taking the piss though.
    I can't remember. But just cos I understood the theory doesn't mean I did well. It involved writing essays, which I inevitably failed hard at. So about mid-class I think.
    That's my point. It's huge and blank. At least if you're going to make your sig that big out something there.
    nop, i did not get any infections from gella, but i downloaded that incredibad album and ive seen that 'like a boss' video on utube, loved it, decided to use it.

    Oi, fix ya damned sig. There's nothing worse than an oversized sig. Takes effort just to traverse it.
    haha he did. there were more but i deleted them. he like abused me and then was like i wanna be your friend =[[. and i was like uhhhh no.

    effing lol at your pic.
    haha yes
    its brilliant
    although my favourite atm is like a boss
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