subject dropping

  1. T

    Should I drop tutoring? I really need some advice!

    Hiya, I'm in year 11 and I'm kind of screwed. I'm doing extension 1 maths, advanced English, chemistry, biology, economics and modern history. So far, I'm not doing well. I'm atrocious with time management, and I procrastinate like there's no tomorrow when I'm stressed. I attend tutoring for...
  2. T

    Is it possible to score a high atar without extension subjects?

    Hi. I'm in year 11 and my current subjects are modern history, English advanced, chemistry, biology, economics and maths advanced + extension 1. I'm planning to drop biology next year, but I'm struggling a lot in math. I barely passed 50% for math advanced but I got over 70% for extension. My...
  3. T


    Ok so im in year 12 atm and i have 13 units which just feels like SO MUCH - my schools obsessed with having tons of units but i really wanna drop, my exams are in 3-5 weeks, so i cant drop a 2 UNIT COURSE till then, but i can drop extension courses, lemme list all my subjects and my marks + how...
  4. C


    I have no idea what subjects to drop/keep for year 12 (grad2021). My year 11 subjects (and grades) were: Drama (A) CAFS (A) English Adv (A) English Ext (B) Business (A) Legal (A) SOR1 (A) [note: this is compulsory at my school *sigh*] I did the worst in Ext so common instinct says to drop...
  5. Pablo_35

    Should I Drop It?

    Hello members of BOS ! Currently doing Mathematics Extension 1, knowing that it will never make it into my 10 best units, should i drop it? Some factors i am considering right now: I wish to get into an engineering course when i graduate, and in most universities it is recommended that i do...
  6. Helpme2244

    Dropped but I wanna pick it up

    So I dropped SDD like maybe 4 weeks ago and I really want to pick it up again now because I literally just failed my maths exam (58%..) and I'm on 10 units so I don't really know what to do. I dropped SDD because I have an IP for Drama and Depth studies for Chem and Bio that would literally take...