1. queenb_3

    What is considered a great WAM? + How to improve?

    Hi there! I was just wondering, what's considered a great WAM for law? For context, I aspire to work within a top tier law firm such as Ashurst, Clayton, etc and be a barrister in the future. I was also wondering, how do we do improve? What I mean by this is, lecturers, don't accept extra...
  2. A

    procrastination at its pinnacle but i hope to get a 90+ atar

    hello folks, was going thru a few of the forum posts, hence decided to create an acc and signal my plea for and help/ tips? on how can i clutch a 90+ atar up until y10, i’ve been fairly an academic student and in the top 3 for most subjects but that was cut short where i butchered my rankings...
  3. E


    Hi there guys, I am currently a year 10 student, going into the prelim course next year. So far these are my subjects that I have chosen Advanced Math Extension English Chemistry Economics Legal Studies SOR I I want to get a scope in terms of my subject choices early as I was contemplating...
  4. queenb_3

    2020 LAT

    Hey y'all! How did you honestly find the 2020 LAT?
  5. P

    LAT'S - law at UNSW

    Hi everyone! I'm really passionate in pursuing a career in law, I'd ideally like to go to UNSW or USYD (however, aiming more for UNSW as slightly lower ATAR etc. and reportedly it's a better learning environment there). -> to get into law at UNSW you have to sit the Law Admission Test (LAT's)...
  6. cherubjin

    Legal Assignment again ;-;

    This is a continuation of my previous message about my legal assignment. Im up to part b now and i do not get my question at all. With reference to Part A, evaluate the effectiveness of the law in the operation of our society In your response, you are required to: Integrate relevant themes...
  7. A

    How law school in Australia assess the admission of LL.M.?

    First off I’d like to apologize if I posted in a wrong place because this is my first time of usage, please. By the way, I am a foreign law student but I’d like to further study in Australia. I have been finding for the GPA and other scores that law school requires, but I don’t see the minimum...
  8. B

    Admission into UNSW Law with EAS

    Hi everyone, I have recently received notification via uac that: "The residential address you entered in your UAC undergraduate application is identified by the Australian Bureau of Statistics as being in the lowest 30% of socio-economic disadvantage in Australia (Search for...