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    Urban Dynamics Pyrmont Extended Response

    I have the following question write an extended response on: Critically analyse ONE Urban Dynamic in Pyrmont. If anyone has previously completely this essay, who can be an absolute legend and share it to me. Will be much appreciated
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    Paradoxes, anomalies and inconsistencies in Animal farm?

    For my assessment task, I'm looking for the anomalies, inconsistencies and paradoxes revealed through texts. My PT is 'The Crucible' and my RT is 'Animal Farm'. Can someone tell me any themes in common to both texts that reveal anomalies, inconsistencies and paradoxes within human nature? I have...
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    English Essay - 1984

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if people could give me some feedback on which of these essay ideas they think would be most effective, I have no idea which one to decide! Thesis Idea 1: Challenges that arise from the necessary interaction between the individual and the collective Paragraph 1...
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    English Advanced Module A- King Richard III by William Shakespeare and looking for Richard by Al Pacino

    Hey everybody, I'm selling cheap English practice essays based on the new syllabus. I studied King Richard III and Looking For Richard, and received high marks in the HSC course. It is very important to practice essays, therefore I would like to help you guys out and sell the practice essays I...
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    Best way to prepare for national study essays?

    lol im stressing out cause my trials in 2 weeks and I haven't prepared essays. I have plans for all possible questions but my issue is remembering all of it. what are some tips. should I just memorise the plan and then hope for the best? or should I rote learn stuff?
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    What do I need in order to succeed in history extension?

    What is that I need or require for me to succeed in history extension. I'm pretty worried about picking history extension in year 12. Since I'm really not that confident in my wording of my essays. My essays are somewhat verbose too. Right now I'm in year 11. So would I just need to practice...
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    Legal Essay Help

    Hi, my question for my assignment is To what extent do penalties imposed during the sentencing process achieve justice for victims, offenders and society? I have received and applied feedback from my teacher yet i was confused by some of the things she had asked me to do. Would anyone be...
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    1984 Summary

    Hi, anyone got a summary or sample essay for 1984? Thanks!
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    Memorising essays

    On Tuesday I have a geography exam that I've prepared an essay for in response to the question, but I have noooo idea how to memorise it, any tips?
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    How would you structure this essay?

    To what extent did the American leadership shape the conflict in Indochina up to 1979. I probably have to talk about other factors, so I was going to do threat of communism and their domestic issues/public image however how would I write paragraphs on them, would I talk about how it influenced...