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Modern History 25/25 Russia Trial HSC Essay. Also Vietnam, core resources. (1 Viewer)


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Sep 1, 2023
Selling 25/25 Russia (top 5 selective school NSW) trial hsc on question: "Discuss the ways that Stalin's policies changed Russian society and culture in the period 1928-1948" for $6 respond to thread if interested. Will also give 2 full-mark trial hsc answers on core (nazi topic) and 2 90% essays on Vietnam (tet offensive and civilians) for $12.

Body paragraph 1:
Collectivisation and industrialisation transformed the USSR's agrarian economy at the expense of the Russian people, who suffered immensely and had their traditional societal structure destroyed...

Body paragraph 2:
Industrialisation employed Russian society as workers, and subordinated society to the needs of the second revolution and rapid economic modernisation...

Body paragraph 3:
Stalin's cultivation of his cult personality nullified traditional Soviet culture...

Body paragraph 4:
Stalin's purges and social conservatism also transformed the USSR socially and culturally...
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