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english standard

  1. G

    Advanced to standard english

    Okay so I am contemplating moving into standard english once year 12 begins (next term). I have a few questions and if anyone can provide some insight it would be much appreciated: Is the analysis generally easier? I find particularly with Shakespeare, the texts themselves and the analysis to...
  2. R

    I got over 90 in my trial... am I in a good position? (english standard)

    Hey everyone, I got 94% in my CSSA trial. For paper 1 I got 88% (35/40) For paper 2 I got 98% (59/60) I really want to do well in English, however I don't really know how hard the CSSA is in comparison to the HSC and if it's a good measure. Like don't want to instill fake confidence you know...
  3. easyAessay


    Not accepting submissions via this thread anymore due to a recent influx in my PMs in particular. I really enjoy checking out your writing, though, so check out my new thread, which offers marking with value for money...
  4. SPP270717936]/02

    Difference between English Standard & English Studies

    What's the difference between English standard and English studies in terms of scaling & difficulty. Do you have to memorise essays in English Studies?
  5. aceagle007

    Megamind as my related text for the common module?

    SO can i write about megamind as my related text for the english standard common module? its deadass a good movie with a whole character arc which includes his struggles with adversity and his search of identity. If anyone supports my actions please lend help as to how to follow through with it
  6. cherubjin

    Anomalies, Paradoxes and Inconsistencies in the Human Experience

    i know that since this is a common. module that everyone is doing this but im kinda struggling with the question and im so introverted i cannot ask the teacher for help so i hope you guys can :) Assess the capacity for texts to explore the paradoxes, anomalies and inconsistencies in the human...
  7. A

    English (ADV/STD) | Business Studies | SDD Tutoring - 95.50 ATAR

    Hi! My name is Anthony and I am a 2019 HSC Graduate. SMARTR Tutoring is my own tutoring business, where I offer PRIVATE and PERSONALISED tutoring services. In tutoring multiple HSC students throughout 2019 through till now, I have the experience, specialised knowledge and skills to help you to...
  8. S

    Selling Textbooks and Extensive Notes For Std English, Biology, Std Maths, Food Technology and Drama

    Hey everyone, In English Standard, Biology and Standard Mathematics, I am ranked 3rd and in Food Technology and Drama I am ranked 1st. So over the course of the HSC I have made comprehensive notes and collected various resources that were very useful during my HSC year. Most of my notes are...
  9. M

    How to study for English?

    I have no idea on how to prepare for English trials. Everyone says just know your quotes but they are so many themes and quotes to learn for a text. And the fact that the question could be on a particular theme makes it so much worse. So how can I effectively study and make sure I know all the...
  10. A

    What happens if you get a 0 in paper 1 for Year 12 Hscs

    I missed the paper 1 exam cuz i got mixed up with the timetable. Would I still be able to get my hsc? Paper 1 has 40 marks btw. I mixed up my hsc end year oops im in year 12. Btw I hope none of you get into this situation please don't be like me. Just a heads up I don't care about my scores its...
  11. D

    HSC English Assessment

    Hi, I'm currently in Year 12 and we got assigned a task to create a 1 minute video that explores a human experience and evokes a particular emotional response from the audience. The human experience should come from a self-selected text and the video should include water as a symbolic object...
  12. N

    Will doing both standard english and standard maths impact my atar??

    I'm starting year 12 this term, and am currently doing advanced maths. However I did pretty terribly in year 11 and am considering dropping to standard. I'm just wondering how much doing both standard english and maths will impact my atar? My year 11 ranks were pretty good, apart from Adv Maths...
  13. H

    Discursive Help

    So the HSC is in 2 weeks and I have nothing prepared for a Mod C discursive. I don't even know where to start. Am I screwed? Someone please give me topic ideas?
  14. S

    Prelim; the simple gift

    does anyone have quotes from 'the simple gift' by Steven Herrick which describe the plot, themes, setting, characters and style, if you do can you please send them!
  15. U

    what is storytelling?!?

    Through the telling and receiving of stories, we become more aware of ourselves and our shared human experiences. Explore this statement with close reference to your prescribed text Storytelling invites us to see the world differently through challenging our assumptions. Discuss this...