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  • Saw your post about rep and reminded me of the feeling I'd get when someone with with lots (e.g. Rafy) would rep me!

    Glad to see another light blue survivor kicking around.
    Sorry if this question is personal, but I saw you mention in a thread you intend to move back to Australia. Did you move to Singapore to make a lot of money at low tax rates or was there another reason for the move? The idea of moving to asia temporarily has interested me.
    I started with Crash Bandicoot and Gran Turismo. Finished GT4 100% in year 7.

    Then I got into fps and now all I play is fps, racing and Crash/ MediEvil.
    That's pretty good then. Oh damn :(

    Yeah UT is pretty good. Solid game for its time. Back then, all that was around was CS and UT. Then Soldier of Fortune kicked in (SOF II is an awesome game with a great story line actually). Then everything else.
    Haha yeah that's the way. Back 4 or 5 years ago I was a massive CS1.6/CZ/UT player. I actually enjoyed playing with BOTS a lot (still do actually) in each and hence I spent a lot of time playing UT and CZ by myself too haha.

    Haha how is it running on the TA100? I remember playing CS on my school laptop, having an Atom from 2010. Got really low fps at around 20-30. My Pentium 4 HT from 2004 was running CS at around 40-50 fps haha. It was somehow doing a better job. For UT I think I was getting something like 60-70 fps so it was running fine there.
    To put things in perspective I think in my class some people had answers from previous years so they just copied and pasted without ever reading the book so they could play UT/CS whereas I figured I may as well do it properly. I even did it at home so I could join in the games at school too.

    Do you mean unreal tournament haha? I still have the original copy.
    Your friends at Lize + Bath (227 Elizabeth St) were asking if I knew you.

    You must have a reputation around Sydney's coffee joints?
    Ended up going for a chai latte as that tends to be my hot beverage of choice. I found that it was a little bit sweeter than usual so I would take marks off for that.
    Oh, does Wellington have a hard-on for cheese scones. I swear I saw those everywhere.
    Ended up going to Memphis Belle as per your recommendation.

    How did you find the Newcastle match?
    Hi Seremify,
    Please answers some questions :)

    1) Is it easy to transfer from a degree in commerce to medicine? What gpa do u need?

    2) Will the subject commerce in year 9/10 help with me with economics and modern history?

    3) What is the cut off for bachelor of commerce this year??

    Thanks much appreciated:)
    Have a great day!
    Hi seremify!

    I've been looking through the forums for advice on cadetships and found that you're something of a legend! Anyway, I was wondering if you could help provide me with some advice? Do you know of any cadetships in the Information systems/ Information Technology and Business sectors and any companies that provide them? Would you also have any advice for applying for one in these specific sectors?

    Thanks for helping out a random!
    Slimmy :D
    Hey I was thinking of double majoring finance and accounting at UNSW. When i graduate from uni, will i be CA certified? Ive heard somewhere if you double major you arent certified a chartered accoutnant?
    Hello! I already do accounting at TAFE and have been finding it interesting, I enjoy economics and school and like maths as well, everything is up there for if I wanted to go into finance. This is where you come in... How is accounting/financial jobs as a career, like is it fun, boring, interesting, dull? What are the wages like? Of course I can't base my career path off this but I am curious because I want to have a comfortable life when Im older and to be able to avoid at least some of the financial stresses. What other branches with pretty good pay are there in finance, and finally what would I have to do to become a Forensic Auditor like the courses to become one. How did you gain a cadetship and how hard was it to get one? In general any advise you can give me about studies or financial employment would be greatly appreciated! Thankyou for your time have a great day! :D
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