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  • Yeah, I can't do it cos I don't have my TNF (and I plan on having the government pay)

    Oh well, I'd see you tomorrow :)
    Wait, come again mate?

    Can you actually plan your timetable now? Do you do it online or something?

    (confused nooblet is confused)
    What time is your advising? Mine is from 9:00-9:30am then from 9:30am-10am. I figured that way I could try and squeeze everything into 3 days :p
    Hey~ Congrats for getting into applied finance/com-prof accounting :)

    For both semesters I attended 3 days each. Truthfully though, I could have attended only 2days of those 3, since on one of those days it was only lectures, and the topics themselves were those where you can study yourself.
    fort street (but then I really sucked after year 8).

    do you have any idea what to major in? I keep on hearing about these 'planet' subjects but the website won't even let me choose my own timetable (have to attend that compulsory thing argh) :/
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