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  • hellooo

    im not bad.. i guess! thanks, hopefully i did ok! i still got a lot of hsc left to do, but hopefully it wont be that bad ...:)
    yup! i know her!

    she went/goes to my school... i think she left last year actually.... hmm i forget..
    nice meeting you too :)
    holy shit! damn, you've done way more than me and i feel like a potato :(

    well, i've done:

    - english: read my mod a texts, watched mod c text, going to just look at summaries for mod b and aos cause i ceebs lol
    - economics: just viewing videos which explain year 11 concepts that will prepare me for the year 12 course
    - modern history: already finished a reading with questions as part of homework, but apart from that i've done nothing tbh
    - biology: nothing, because year 11 course is crap, but year 12 bio sounds waaaay better
    - chemistry: basically have to catch up cause i failed my yearly lol
    - maths: did ok, but need to get my act together

    and don't worry about the others, just focus on yourself :)
    I'm alright man just studying here and there and yeah he really did get busted because he is one of the few that troll around the forums making unnecessary threads. He certainly gets the attention of fellow BOS'ers though, they/we give him the treatment of cyber retaliation lol.
    haha school holidays must be great!

    hmmm, year 10 is a bit early for UMAT prep imo, it shouldn't really be a focus till you're closer to actually sitting it (i.e. maybe do your first practice paper a year out from it so halfway through year 11)

    Quite a few do, Medentry seems to be the go to for most students and it's quite good if a tad expensive. In terms of UMAT, as i said earlier, it's moreso the time than the questions themselves that makes it difficult haha

    Yes :)
    hey :) im well thx, urself?

    what year are u in btw? 11 or 12?

    for umat it's best to do a few practice questions to become familiar wit the type of questions you can come across, and also time yourself like under exam conditions, since speed is very important and time is certainly a factor in getting all ur answers down and getting the max marks you can.
    Sorry for the extremely late reply, only just figured out how to work this haha
    Typically, you run through a sources origin, content, motive, audience, perspective and reliability. If you go in that order, you should be set for an analysis.
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