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  • A job at Maccas? Better then no pay I guess so good on you! The meat was pretty good. It was well packed in numbers and it served a purpose of sharing knowledge and socialising with people in real life rather then to the internet. I personally had a great time catching up with some people and meeting some people I hadn't met before. I have to say, our school is quite well organised, in that they usually get things over and done with as quickly as possible. For economics or legal studies? I would recommend looking up he syllabus and topics studied in each of those subjects, seeing if any interests you. Asking students above you is another worthy method to consider. Also identifying where your strengths and intellectual curiosity lies would help in making a decision.
    Sup. :) Been pretty good recently, simply holidaying and going to the meat in Parramatta, quite looking forward to school again. Subject selections are on the 20th of July for me although I've got my subjects sorted for next year. it turns out I can replace modern history for chemistry at my school and so I'm pretty satisfied at the moment. That's great how you've chosen your subs. How have you been? Studying and taking time off BOS? :p
    Don't worry about late replies, I have been having some terrible internet issues lately. I remember the recorder being a compulsory instrument for everybody in grade 2 at my school. Still, was a fun thing to play with as a hobby. Quite lately, I've been finalising and proof reading my assignment works and basically living to the best in the last of my holidays ^^.

    Meats in year 11? I've met quite a lot of people here in the BOS community in real life because I've been to two of their meats. Seriously, participation is key. You meet really nice and awesome people. In this holiday alone I've been to the Parramatta library study session and the Eastershow meat with the year 11s. Trust me, don't be afraid of going to them and meeting people you've never met before. Everybody is fun and nice to hang out with :) I heard there's going to be another study session next holidays and I would definitely recommend going!

    Yes indeed, we should make a 2014 group and make a meat ^^
    Ahh, when I focus more closely on the display picture I can see the superman symbol... So you're having choices by term 3 or 4? Oh, that's brilliant! Gives you more time to think. I do have one sibling and my sister has finished her HSC and now doing optometry as a job. I'm sure you'll find a subject which you like to do for year 11. You play the guitar? Sounds nice although I play the clarinet :D And yes, you must start piano again because it's an instrument where you can comfortably play transcribed music. A simple pleasure of life? Definitely. I reckon all the year 10s here on BOS should make a thread or group and help each other out, although that's my opinion. We're probably going to know each other a lot over the coming years I'm guessing ^^.
    Haha, thanks about the avatar, though the same should go to your squirrel (i'm guessing here)! I don't think you'd need to worry too much about subject choices as of yet. Have you had your subject selections meeting yet? I believe ours is on June so until then, we have not gotten much information on the subjects we can pick. You should choose a subject you like to do as I'm sure everybody would be saying. So far you have 11 units and you're deciding upon having an extra 2 more units. I think it's best to choose the subject you like the most because a subject you hate is harder to get marks. You could ask your parents or career advisor on guidance for subject choices. By the way, just out of curiosity, do you play any instrument or listen to music? :D
    Indeed, we'll be in year 12 soon but don't fret, that's probably out of the times which I'm thinking of ^^. In answer to your question, I think I have chosen the subjects which I plan to do in year 11. They are 3 unit maths and english, economics, modern history and physics. I would most probably choose chemistry over modern history although our headmaster/principal makes it compulsory to do at least 2 humanity subject, although I don't have much objections to that anyways so I'm satisfied :). How about you? Any ideas?
    sometimes they have so much amazing stuff i buy 6+ pieces of clothing
    sometimes none of their stuff interests me

    either way, it's always fun riffling through the stuff :)
    Haha, welcome to BOS! Hope you enjoy and find the place interesting and above all, useful. Cool tip: Participate in threads if you can because most people here are friendly and very helpful so long as you treat them the same way ^^

    The name's Michael ;)
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