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  • lol damn caught me out! nah i let the screen on the mac on while playing dota haha yeah im more doing it for the periods off school even thought they are the good ones
    new skype/facebook because conversations that are able to be viewed by the public are the best ones! i didnt go last year or prior so idk how it is, i dont even know how to knit lol
    definitely, i missed your presence sooooo much! You missed out on the TOM meeting which your team apparently made little progress in. how was michelle pham? I should go on this more but I usually only go on at like 11 right before bed or inbetween dota games haha you coming knit-in?
    Thanks :) Parvee chose it for me. Not a bad avatar actually. Before I changed it to this, I had one of CL (a Korean celebrity) but I kind of like this one better haha :) At least everyone can recognise me qucikly now.
    saw your pm :) that means you must know terencem. I got to St pius in chatswood (probs havent heard of it but meh). Yeah ive got quite of bit of work to do as well. Got an english assessment first week back xD
    I am thankful that I only have one assignment haha. Anyway, any ideas on what you plan to do after school? :)
    Haha it's okay. I'm surprised the holidays are almost over though. This always seems to happen :p How are things going for you?
    Hey Katie! yeah its good us year 10's are uniting! hahah im good wbu? what school do you go to? :p
    Hi Katie, I prefer to be called Ealdoon, that is what everyone else on BOS calls me haha. Yeah, I know we haven't really talked much and I agree with Demento, it won't be awkward at all if you come to the next meat so please do come if you can! It would be fantastic to meet more 2014'ers. :)
    Are shifts consistent or are they ever changing? Just out of curiosity, what does one do at the fries sector. Is it simply transporting chips in packets to a deep fryer? ver time, I'm sure you'll get used to routine and demands and burning will lessen in frequency (hopefully). Of course it won't be awkward if you go to a meat. There are people who I have never heard of on BOS and they signed up to go to the meat in Parramatta. The purpose is to share and socialise and everybody is definitely welcomed (perhaps next time). Check your pm please.
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