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  • But I dont have a nasally voice...

    I guess my mannerisms maybe, I do use my hands quite a bit when talking (although I didnt speak to you much at the last meat).
    A guy called Aeriff though he was around more 09/10. He's my gig buddy and we go to most things together because we're both gr8

    Crowd/mosh is the way to do it! I get super restless if I'm ever on the steps because people there don't really dance or move or jump and I like to do all that. Cept you're short so I get it :p

    Missed the support and didn't think I'd be able to go because there was all this ~drama~ as it was my Mum's bday and we were supposed to have dinner in the city so I could go straight over to metro but then we had dinner at home which is an hour away and super guilt trip to stop me from going but at 8:30 mum said it was ok so I just bailed and it's good they started late!

    *so* weird. but damn, she's sassy enough to pull off anything
    Wow. yes! Early last year i even used to spike my hair at the front so i got compared to him a few times.
    what? no you're insane it's a conspiracy!!

    you don't exist you're just a manifestation of my addiction
    (I h8 you and I can't wait to be rid of you)
    why did you edit your visitor messages. i don't really remember what they were but im pretty sure they weren't simply just a dot before
    BoS tradition is still very much alive - it's more that individual users evolve and that changes their perception of BoS over time. But BoS largely stays the same I think.
    It's just a question - I wanted to see what your answer would be. I just find it interesting that you lurk the thread so frequently, given your apparent distaste for it.
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