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  • hey. not as well as I hoped :/
    got projectile theta thing wrong + probability + 2 marks off circle geo + I MC SO FAR. nuuuu.

    wbu ? :D
    Do the last 3 years papers, they tend to ask the whole syllabus in a 3 year cycle. Whatever they haven't tested in the last 3 years - high chance they will this year. Good luck!
    Learn a topic, do a few past HSC questions on them that vary in difficulty and then hit trial papers (Sydney Boys & Grammer write nice papers - Ruse papers are quite easy) . When your HSC comes round - do HSC papers. Not as much in 3U as compared to 4 Unit, but hardly any schools write Q8's/Q16's and Q 7's/14's for trial papers to match the calibre of the HSC.
    oh yeh dw, just try do all the 2001-2011 3unit ones, then hit the 90's and 80's they're pree hard.
    dont bother too much with grammar and ruse etc...
    do cssa, ind and hsc.
    not many are online, i have the success book with them + solutions.
    ask the user " Spiralflex" for some he may have. ( but be considerate- he has his HSC, so dont be too demanding etc..)
    click on settings on top of page

    then on the left click on edit profile

    then under Custom User Title just type what you want and then click on save changes
    hey m8, do what?
    u asked me to help u in a question, but u never sent it lol.
    also im doing my english assignment now, so ill do it asap ( tomorrow morning)
    but maybe make a thread on the Mx2 forums and someone else will answer it before me.
    if not... ill do it for ya morro
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