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  • hmm i'm feeling okay - leaning towards the good side for this paper haha
    feel much better about this than paper 1
    hoping i just scrape a band 6? :L
    i thought you said you did go over it. lucky i went through with it in the end!!
    howd you go for everything else?
    funny, exact same situation. :L
    i was doing my paragraphs last week adn could not be bothered to do bandler until 2-3 days ago because i saw a link haha
    i did keating & sadat
    going in with an essay with two speeches in detail.
    i've prepared a paragraph for every other speech lol
    if they specify one of my two speeches, i use my essay. if they specify one of the other speeches, i'm going to use 3 speeches :p
    I'm there during the supposed main week of 23rd Nov- Dec 1. Is that the right time? and yeh I'm going to make a good time of it no matter what, we have a big house with a pool and everything so I am really keen. I am glad they have a dan murphys there too haha.
    yeh once english and economics are done, FREEEDOMMMMM

    yep! you as well? or do you live near byron anyway?

    so keen for schoolies omg
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