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Fus Ro Dah
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  • Glad that you are planning pursuing mathematics further! I am sure I will run into you at some stage in the future.
    Last year, and at the beginning of this year I was considering doing the SATs etc. and then applying for international universities, but then I saw their crippling fees haha.
    hectic, same :) go to Sydney uni 2014 and ill cya there. I'm taking a gap year next year to earn money and party (even though jono suggests pre-study haha)
    haha sad to say that I didn't get full marks :p but its going all well, enjoying my long weekend of no work until school starts back tomorrow. and good to see you back, im looking forward to some challenging problems, and this time ill find some good ones to reciprocate if you stay around for a bit cos ill have more revision time :) the whole scene has straightened up quite a bit around here lately which is good.
    Hey, would you be interested in coming along to a 2013ers meat on Monday June 11?
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