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  • Thanks Sean!

    I had a look at them and I'm definitely getting the metric space ones, still undecided on which one for galois theory.

    Btw do you have any tips/advice for third year maths? I've done the regular third year units (algebra/logic and geometry/topology), but the advanced units seem much harder.
    Hey I'm doing metric spaces/galois theory/biomaths this semester. Are there any really good textbooks you recommend for any of these?

    I'm guessing I don't really need one for biomaths, but a good one for metric spaces or galois theory that also has stuff for honours next year is probably what I want.
    Hey Sean could you help me out with that question about inverse functions and derivatives that you commented on. i havent made any progress :(
    Hey I skimmed through that google doc you posted about rote learning. It was heaps good. May I ask how did you end up finding this doc?
    Can you post a little hint as for direction for your marathon question?

    I am really doubting my complex numbers abilities now :(
    Another quick question (again)
    Is it possible to prove something for ALL integers with mathematical induction if we somehow prove for the initial statement, that the limit to negative infinity of both sides is equal. (or is this mathematically incorrect)

    And if so, then it is possible that if we prove the limit for positive infinity of both sides is correct, then prove that n=k -1 is true,, that proves for all integers?

    Just a little theoretical stuff I was thinking about
    Hey, Ive got another mathematical question heh. Is the fact that pi is the ratio of circumference to diameter a definition, or is there a definition that allows us to prove this property
    I'm trying to prove the circumference of a circle using the limit to infinity of an n-gon much like how I've proved area of a circle. But it doesn't work because I need to use radian measure which utilises circumference :(
    So is there a proof for something like this or is it just definition?

    Sorry if this is annoying you though, thanks
    Ive got a beautiful theoretical maths book, "God created the integers" by stephen hawking, and am willing to give it away for free to a person who truly appreciates maths. Would you like it?
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