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READ BEFORE POSTING: How to use the Modern History forum (1 Viewer)

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Feb 11, 2011
Mare Crisium
Asking a question

Before asking any question, try using the search function at the top right hand corner of the window. As is often the case, your question may have already been asked and answered.

When asking your question, please be polite and clear – a rambling thread is less likely to be answered. Furthermore, make the title of your thread clear and to the point. Threads with ambiguous titles like “Please help” and “I’m so screwed” are also less likely to get responses

If you have a topic specific question, post it in the appropriate subforum. E.g. if you have a question about Germany, ask it in the National Studies forum.

The main forum space is for general inquiries on Modern History, such as questions related to study and essay writing techniques.

Only post a question in one thread, if you dont get a response, be patient and dont post it in other thread or bump your thread by pointless posting.

Remember, no one is here to do your work for you
, we are simply here to give guidance such as whether your ideas are good/bad, right/wrong and if people feel nice they might also give some sites and responses to some questions.

Responding to a question

When you answer a persons question, please try and keep your responses positive and constructive. The aim of the Modern History forum and the site in general is to give help people help where possible, not to attack them.


Please refrain from posting CSSA, Independent or NEAP past trial papers. It is an infringement of copyright and any such posts/threads will be removed.

I may at times move threads from the main Modern forum into one of the subforums, in order to make the board more clean and tidy. So if your thread doesn’t appear where you created it, check the subforums.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the Modern History forums, please make a thread in contact moderators.
Not open for further replies.

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