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English Advanced Module A- King Richard III by William Shakespeare and looking for Richard by Al Pacino (1 Viewer)


New Member
Aug 14, 2019
Hey everybody,

I'm selling cheap English practice essays based on the new syllabus. I studied King Richard III and Looking For Richard, and received high marks in the HSC course. It is very important to practice essays, therefore I would like to help you guys out and sell the practice essays I completed before the HSC exam.

Practice essay questions
- A textual conversation between Shakespeare's KRIII and al Pacino's LFR offers new insights on power and deception. To what extent is this statement true in light of your study of textual conversations?
- Explore the connections between a pair of texts highlights that a contemporary text must reshape meaning and values that are no longer contextual relevant
- Our interests in the parallels between KRIII and LFR is further enhanced by consideration of their marked differences in textual form. Evaluate this statement in light of your comparative study of KRIII and LFR

Each practice essay $5

All 3= $10

If you are interested email me - simislaminka@gmail.com

Best of luck :)

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