1. Y

    Bachelor of Comm/Law vs. Comm/Info Sys

    I want to get into finance (specifically financial advising or Broking). Would studying a Bachelor of Comm/Law majoring in finance help? or is it useless studying the extra law degree. Alternatively, I was also thinking about studying a bachelor of Commerce and Information systems majoring in...
  2. Canoeboat

    UNSW Scholarships

    yo guys, for the scholarships you gotta apply to individually on UNSW, what r the chances u get in? Is it easy? Like im not black, a woman, aboriginal or disabled. but what r the chances i get in
  3. V

    UNSW Actuarial Studies/Comp Sci Vs MQ Actuarial Studies/Information Technology and other UNSW CO-OP courses

    Hi guys, Basically im in year 12 right now and just wanted to ask about the difference between UNSW Actuarial Studies/Comp Sci Vs MQ Actuarial Studies/Information Technology. I currently attend a selective school and do 2u/3u maths, phys chem economics and eng adv. I just wanted to ask in...
  4. boredcompanion

    UNSW early entry design portfolio

    I'm planning to apply for early entry to design with the portfolio admission scheme in UNSW but I have no idea how to start it. I have been trying to find exemplars on other design portfolios to get inspiration, but I have found nothing at all well except 1. So I just need advice on how to start...
  5. aqwerty13402

    UNSW Physiotherapy

    Hey, not sure if I'll find anyone on this website, but does anyone do UNSW physiotherapy degree that DIDNT do chemistry? Chemistry is assumed knowledge and I think I'll actually kill myself if I need to do a bridging course. Would it be necessary?
  6. P

    UNSW or UTS for bachelors of business?

    Should I do my bachelors of economics at uts or unsw? What are your opinions on the trimester system at unsw, work life balance, internship opportunties, pros and cons of each? I have always been set on unsw for its social life but now reconsidering due to the controversy of its trimesters...
  7. S

    MACQUARIE OR UNSW marketing

    Hi guys I’m currently enrolled into Marketing and media at Macquarie university, but I don’t know if I wanna transfer into UNSW or not. But I also wanna do media as well. Can I major in marketing and minor in media instead? Should I just stay at Macquarie uni for a year and then see? When I...
  8. E

    Will I gain admission into Double Commerce with my Selection Rank in January Round 2?

    Hi all, My selection rank is 97.5. I had a bit of a complicated situation, but now I am basically hoping to receive an offer from UNSW for Double Commerce in January Round 2. The lowest selection rank was 93.25 in January Round 1. What are my chances of gaining admission?
  9. S

    University Transfer

    I am just wondering if I undertake the Bachelor of Business/Information Technology combined degree at UTS, would it be possible for me to transfer to the Bachelor of Commerce/Computer Science double degree at UNSW? If so, would this be the best method as both degrees from both universities are...
  10. SB257426

    A question for engineering students at Uni

    Hey there, I am planning on doing engineering at UNSW starting in 2024 and my question is: Should I go for MacOS or Windows operating system in UNI? I am just a bit unsure which will be more suitable for engineering as I am aware engineering does require programming knowledge and there will be...
  11. P

    UNSW or UTS Software Engineering

    I have been accepted into both UTS and UNSW for software engineering, what are the pros and cons of both? I am having a difficult time deciding on where to enrol.
  12. SB257426

    Quick Question about Uni

    This might sound like a bit of a silly question but do they ever check homework lol. For example, if im doing a math course and they prescribe a textbook to me, would they ever check if I have done all the exercises? Or do you just self study for the course in uni?
  13. Huntress_Waffle


    I got in Eco/Law double at UTS via early entry. I was going to just go ahead with it, but my parents say I should do Eco at USYD then transfer to eco/law 2nd year. I don’t really think there’s much point to that because I know some UTS law graduates who still end up going to top-tier law firms...
  14. rainpuppy11

    UNSW Comp Sci vs. UNSW Comp Sci + Engineering (Honours)

    Hello! I'm currently debating what to do for next year entering university. I am definitely set on going to UNSW (I am currently shortlisted for UNSW Co-op in Comp Sci, and also am eligible for the AAA scholarship, and I also like the campus and teaching style). I'm just wondering if it is...
  15. T

    UTS BIT CO-OP or UNSW CS/Engineering or UNSW CS/SCI

    I'd like some help picking between these three courses. I want to get into medicine next year as a non-standard entry student, but that also means I'll have to pick a degree that I will be completely fine sticking to if med doesn't work out. That being said, I'll still have to maintain a high...
  16. A

    Disadvantaged pathways to Medicine degrees

    Hey there, I'm Marty, I'm a journalist at the ABC who's researching the positives and negatives of the university admissions system for future med students. In particular, how it benefits or misses the mark when it comes to giving students from low socio-economic areas (low SES) a better shot...
  17. xoxogossipgirll

    ! B of Science or B of Medical Science ! (UNSW) (Early Entry)

    I am on the verge of crying because I got a conditional early offer at UNSW for a B of Science and I feel like a B of Medical Science is more professional in terms of image. Does B of Science get me into a postgrad in Dentistry?! cause B of Medical science is said to be a better option for...
  18. tamdz

    Is a higher ATAR less competitive than portfolio?

    hi guys i was going through unsw's admission for future students and saw this: this was for enrolements in 2023 UNSW software engineering. less than 5% of students got in through just ATAR and/or + adjustment factors. does that mean that, i am less competitive to get into unsw engineering if i...
  19. tamdz

    how many bonus points can EAS give?

    im going to apply for EAS, so i was wondering how many bonus points it can give. im applicable for F01D (the family tax benefit A) and also enquired about "long travel times" which they said could be considered. so how many bonus points do you think they could give? thanks. im applying to unsw...