subject selection

  1. mary555

    90+ ATAR Likelihood

    hi, i'm in year 10 and subject selection is coming up, so I was wondering what the likelihood of receiving of a 90+ atar is with the subjects i'm thinking about taking: - advanced english - extension 1 english - studies of religion 1 (compulsory in my school) - advanced maths - modern history -...
  2. scholarpuppy

    YR11 SUBJECT SELECTION help! thanks xx

    Hello! I am YR10 in a top selective school, soon going to go through the YR11 subject selection process and willing to accept any advice at all. I am aiming to get a 98+ atar and I hope to study entrepreneurship/economics and design a double degree or medicine. Thank you. I plan on taking: -...
  3. S

    Engineering Studies vs Physics

    How similar is engineering studies to physics? Would doing them both in years 11 and 12 be a good idea?
  4. Z

    Drop Economics or Chemistry?? Please Help

    Hey All, I am currently doing Ext1 Math, ADV English, Legal Studies, Economics, Chemistry and Physics for perlims. I am planning to pick up ext2 math for year 12 and don't want to do 14 units. Thinking of either dropping economics or chemistry. Does anyone have any opinions on either of the...
  5. P

    Subjection Selection Year 10

    I'm currently not sure what subjects to choose this year for my HSC. I'm certain that I want to take Economics, 3U Math, 3U English but I'm not sure whether to take Phys, Chem or Modern History. I did quite well in a recent Physics test, in comparison with other peers so I don't know if I should...
  6. isaezra

    what subjects to pick, and what courses to apply for, to become a doctor without wasting your money and time

    TL;DR If you want to go into medicine; 1. take chemistry, and advanced math or higher 2. sit the UCAT 3. apply for early entry into the "Bachelors of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery" (MBBS) at JCU and Curtin 4. if you don't get in, apply for regular UAC entry into any MBBS 5. if you don't get in...
  7. Y

    Year 11 Subject Selection

    Hi so my subject selections are due in soon... and I'm still undecided on my final one or two subjects. The ones I've mostly decided on so far are: 3u Maths English Advanced Physics Chem And I wanted to have 13 units for year 11 as I don't know how I'll like the rest of my subjects. Some...
  8. C

    Modern History or Japanese Continuers?

    So my subject selection is soon and I was wondering which one I should choose. I have already decided on my other subjects and they are non negotiable. I enjoy and do well in both history and Japanese. Should I base it on which one I do better in or like more, even if the difference is minimal...
  9. kitty15003

    Food Tech or Visual Art

    Hi everyone, The subjects that I am doing right now (yr 11) are: Advanced English legal studies (distance) modern history ancient history visual art textiles The subjects I am the least confident in is textiles and visual arts,,, I'm definitely dropping textiles but I also want to drop...
  10. S

    Subject selections

    Subject selections will be on in early August and I have two ideas of what I'll be picking (shown below), would love to hear which option I should pick by you guys. One thing I've been seeing is that generally those who do well in Maths Extension (band 6), do extremely well in their ATAR's is...
  11. E

    Year 11 Subjection Selection

    Hi, I am in year 10 and am looking for advice or tips on subject selection. I am looking to study: 1. English Ext 2 2. Maths Ext 1 3. Chemistry 4. Biology 5. Legal studies?? I am planning on dropping whatever 5th subject I choose so that I have 11 units for yr 12. I am interested in legal...
  12. D


    Hey, so im basically in year 11 and I have to pick my subjects for next year. I'm thinking: -Maths Extension 2 -English Advanced -Biology -Chemistry Everyone is saying that 10 units is risky, and I have always like commerce (business studies side) so I was wondering if I should take business...
  13. L

    Subject Advice - Modern History vs Biology

    I've just started Year 11 with: - Advanced English - Extension Maths - Chemistry - Economics - Business Studies - Biology I got into my first class of biology and straight away I didn't like it. The class has 30 odd people in it and the teacher put a slideshow on the board for us to copy...
  14. S

    Subjects Dilemma

    hi... this gonna be so long and repetitive but.. my dad wants me to pursue commerce/accounting degrees in UNSW or USYD in the future while I want to do communications&media or design in architecture instead (im leaning towards arts or humanities). he would not let me do the majors I want unless...
  15. vivillon

    Are these subjects okay in terms of scaling?

    Hi, so I'm going into year 11 next year and was wondering if these subjects were okay. Thanks :v Math Advanced English Advanced English Extention 1 (Maybe 2, not really sure right now) Chemistry Economics Japanese Beginners Visual Arts (I want to change this to something like software engineering)
  16. G

    Do I drop Aboriginal Studies?

    I am currently in year 10 doing Aboriginal Studies in the accelerated format and have just begun the HSC course. However, I have only just found out how terribly scaling it is. In the prelim course I had an average mark of around 98%, however I dont enjoy it much anymore. Do I still continue...
  17. N

    Will doing both standard english and standard maths impact my atar??

    I'm starting year 12 this term, and am currently doing advanced maths. However I did pretty terribly in year 11 and am considering dropping to standard. I'm just wondering how much doing both standard english and maths will impact my atar? My year 11 ranks were pretty good, apart from Adv Maths...
  18. T


    OK SO I HAVE CHOSEN MY SUBJECTS BUT BEING THE INDECISIVE ANNOYING PERSON I AM IDK IF I WANNA CHANGE NASDKASJD: SO MY SUBJECTS ARE: - English Advanced - English Extension - Legal Studies - French Continuers - Physics - Mathematics Advanced - MODERN HISTORY Backups: Visual Arts Earth and...
  19. periodmami

    Drama IP performance

    I've chosen Drama as a subject for year 11 & 12 next year and I've absolutely loved it so far in years 8, 9 and 10. I even Received 90/90 for my minor work. I wanna ace it, does anyone have tips or suggestions for the Drama IP performance? Thank you for helping a fellow drama kid :) Also any...
  20. P

    Yr 11/12 subjects

    Hey yall I'll like your opinion on my HSC subjects im planning on doing. Mathematics EXTI English SOR II ( accelerated) Metal + Eng (accelerated) Economics Software design and dev. Thanks for your time!