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selective entrance

  1. chwabe

    North Sydney Girls or Sydney Girls

    Hi guys! I'm not sure which highschool to pick. Could someone help me out please! Also, they're both the same distance from my house. I think I do better when everyone is actually motivated.
  2. J

    high school typical interview questions?

    hey y'all! i got an interview for nsghs entry in 2022 as a yr 11 student and it's next week. does anyone happen to have experience with common interview qns asked, and even better, qns specifically asked by the nsghs selection panel? thank you :hug2: i'm lowkey shitting myself LMAO f
  3. kkk579

    Fail on the selective school exam

    Hi, I did the selective test a couple years ago and unfortunately didn’t make it to the school I wanted to. I am currently in year 8. I made it into a partial-selective school and was absolutely devastated. I used to be a decently smart kid back then, as my tutor had predicted me score to at...
  4. D

    Selective entry for year 11 Penrith SHS.

    Hi guys, I am in year 10 and I recently applied for selective entry into Penrith in year 11. I do not know how to prepare for it. They test for Reading comprehension, Mathematical reasoning, abstract reasoning, and written expression. How do I study for the different sections and what type of...
  5. L

    selective entry y10 2022

    idk if i should try out for ruse??? im currently in yr 9 and thinking of applying to baulko, ruse or girra for yr 10 2022 im a straight A student, DUX of my grade two years in a row, im in the school volleyball team, debating club, art club, ambassador. i do extra curriculars, such as piano and...
  6. J

    Penrith Selective

    Does Penrith selective create new spots for y11? If so, does anyone know how many? Thanks.
  7. wzsmartypants

    2021 Year 9 application

    Hi all! I came to Australia from overseas in October 2019 and is currently trying to apply for a selective school for year 9. I only have one report which is from semester 1 2020. I'm currently in Leichhardt High but not the selective stream. I am an Australian citizen. My school choices are 1...
  8. L

    ACER/HAST past papers

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone had some HAST or ACER test papers? (Used in y8-12 selective enrollment) If anyone does, please let me know by messaging me or by replying to here (or anyway really!) I'd be super grateful and really appreciate it :) Thank you ! have a nice day.
  9. J

    Rose Bay Secondary College vs Fort Street High School

    Hey there, I am completely new to the 'bored of studies' community so please take it easy on me. I recently applied for entrance into Fort Street High School and I was super optimistic that I would get in. I ranked within top 3 for almost all my subjects, I thought I did alright (Not super well...
  10. Minari243

    Will I be able to get into these schools?

    Im currently in a partially selective high school (Im in the selective stream) in year 10. But the selective stream is mixed with the mainstream in the senior years, so I would like to move schools. Also if i’m being honest this school is pretty trash, from spending too much budget on gardens to...
  11. V

    Do I have any hope of getting into a selective high school (yr 11)?

    Hi guys, Selective high applications close in a week and I'm hoping to get mine in to a few schools, but I am freaking out about the HAST which is mandatory for some of the schools I am applying to. I did some practice tests, and I suck at mathematical reasoning, so that's great. I have no idea...