selective entrance

  1. J

    selective entry for year 11 baulko, normo, nsb

    hey guys i despretly need your help. im in year 10 and applying for year 11 selective schools. i have about 3 months to prepare for nsb and normo tests and i was wondering how to prepare for the tests. and could someone help me with what extra certificates i could possibly get for baulko...
  2. L

    selective entry y10 2022

    idk if i should try out for ruse??? im currently in yr 9 and thinking of applying to baulko, ruse or girra for yr 10 2022 im a straight A student, DUX of my grade two years in a row, im in the school volleyball team, debating club, art club, ambassador. i do extra curriculars, such as piano and...
  3. J

    Penrith Selective

    Does Penrith selective create new spots for y11? If so, does anyone know how many? Thanks.
  4. wzsmartypants

    2021 Year 9 application

    Hi all! I came to Australia from overseas in October 2019 and is currently trying to apply for a selective school for year 9. I only have one report which is from semester 1 2020. I'm currently in Leichhardt High but not the selective stream. I am an Australian citizen. My school choices are 1...
  5. L

    ACER/HAST past papers

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone had some HAST or ACER test papers? (Used in y8-12 selective enrollment) If anyone does, please let me know by messaging me or by replying to here (or anyway really!) I'd be super grateful and really appreciate it :) Thank you ! have a nice day.
  6. J

    Rose Bay Secondary College vs Fort Street High School

    Hey there, I am completely new to the 'bored of studies' community so please take it easy on me. I recently applied for entrance into Fort Street High School and I was super optimistic that I would get in. I ranked within top 3 for almost all my subjects, I thought I did alright (Not super well...
  7. Minari243

    Will I be able to get into these schools?

    Im currently in a partially selective high school (Im in the selective stream) in year 10. But the selective stream is mixed with the mainstream in the senior years, so I would like to move schools. Also if i’m being honest this school is pretty trash, from spending too much budget on gardens to...
  8. V

    Do I have any hope of getting into a selective high school (yr 11)?

    Hi guys, Selective high applications close in a week and I'm hoping to get mine in to a few schools, but I am freaking out about the HAST which is mandatory for some of the schools I am applying to. I did some practice tests, and I suck at mathematical reasoning, so that's great. I have no idea...