1. G

    Choosing Sciences

    I'm going into Year 11 this year at a top selective school and I'm taking the Asian Five (Ext Maths, Adv English, Chemistry, Physics and Economics), plus Geography. My school only lets me choose up to 2 sciences. After speaking to some people who have graduated recently, I've heard that physics...
  2. aceagle007

    SciX proposals?

    Anyone got their scaffold of how they wrote their project’s proposal? Or any tips on how to write it?
  3. M

    whats learning biology like, other then the heavy content based reputation?

    contemplating whether I should do physics or biology, I want to do bio but like everyone tells me its scales down and heavy content and it's really easy, but Ive just been introduced to physics module 1 and is so confusing with velocity, displacement, finding time, acceleration with 3 weird...
  4. C


    Hi! So for a task in school, we have to design our own experiment but I've spent hours researching and can't find anything. Does anyone have any ideas for experiments I could do???? Please this is urgent. You will complete an investigation, in groups, to explore the equilibrium of carbonated...
  5. yooook

    2020 (Physics) CSSA - Independent - ACE HSC Trial papers!!!!!!

    If anyone has any of these physics for 2020 with solutions, please dm/pm me, I need to check if I got my answers correct! p.s ik its intellectual property, but if you could just dm/pm me the stuff through, greatly appreciated yoooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  6. L

    Chemistry Practical Assessments

    Hi Guys, I've been looking at the Year 12 assessment schedule and at my school the prac is worth 40% of internal marks. This year for chemistry, because our school was shut down, our practical assessment task was just at home and we had 2 weeks to do it, so I'm not too familiar with how it...
  7. K

    Year 10 Science Past Papers

    Hi, I need some year 10 Science papers for Genetics and Evolution, Chemistry (chemical reactions), ICAS/REACH and possibly physics (motion) to use for home learning. Thanks a lot!
  8. L

    Is Dux College better than PEAK?

    Hello everyone! I really wanted to go tutoring for Physics and Chemistry at the end October this year (I'm in year 11) and I would prefer to go to an affordable tutoring. However, I am more willing to sacrifice the price for quality tutoring resources. Can anyone please share me some tips...
  9. L

    Chemistry Questions

    Hi Guys, I was just wondering if any of you knew of any websites or anything that are helpful for chemistry in Year 11 and 12? My teacher doesn't really teach - she sort of just reads out of the textbook and sometimes I need some extra explanation and was wondering where I could find it...
  10. G

    Actuary vs Optometry

    Hey all, I'm choosing between Actuarial Studies/IT at Macquarie and Optometry at Geelong/Queensland (I received both offers.) I live in Sydney and have an ATAR of 95.35. I love maths and science/physics so both courses really appeal to me. I've given this a lot of thought throughout the year and...
  11. Z

    What is HSC Chemistry like?

    Basically I do Chemistry as I really enjoy it and need it for my future career. I'm currently doing all 6 subjects as I'm kinda scared whether I should continue doing chemistry or not? Most people are telling me that yr 12 chemistry is actually easier than yr 11 chemistry. Is that entirely true...
  12. P

    99.85 ATAR Medical Student from UNSW offering HSC and Preliminary Maths Tuition (2U, 3U, 4U)

    Qualifications Hi, I’m Prag and I’m a maths tutor based in the Hills area. I graduated from Baulkham Hills High School and am currently a second year medical student at the University of New South Wales. I took physics, chemistry, 4U maths and English for my HSC in 2017 with marks as below: Ext...
  13. S

    Bachelor of Science vs Bachelor of Medical Science

    I was just wondering if anyone had any information relevant to these courses for my current situation: I'm currently studying Bachelor of Biotechnology Bachelor of Business and was hoping to switch to Bachelor of Medical Science and Business for 2020. However upon checking the course structure...
  14. A

    mid year review

    Hey guys, Just wondering how everyone else is doing in this subject. Personally, I feel it is a complete bludge and lowkey easy. I want to know more about how everyone else's research is going, what its about and whether you guys are finding it easy or interesting. My research project is...