1. X

    Economics Multiple Choice Help

    Hi, I don't understand this multiple choice question from one of my school trial's past papers. Is anyone able to explain the answer?? The answer is D but I don't understand how??
  2. M

    cranbrook 2021 trial economics

  3. A

    Economics vs Business studies

    Hi, I am in Year 10, and I am struggling to decide on my last 2 units for next year. These are the subjects I am definitely going to choose: English Advanced Mathematics Ext 1 Biology Chemistry Art For anyone doing either economics or business studies what are the advantages/disadvantages? how...
  4. yx0302n

    Year 11 Subject Selection

    Hello, I'm struggling to decide on my last two units for next year. So far, I have: 2 English 3 Maths 2 Biology 2 Chemistry 2 Physics and am unsure what to pick for my last two. I have an idea of either Economics, Modern History or PDHPE. I want to achieve the highest ATAR possible and do well...
  5. J

    Economics Exam

    I have an economics exam in around 2-3 months How do I even start to study for my Premilinary Year 11 exam? Also if you dont mind sending me some past papers that will be helpful
  6. JohnnySins101

    Business Case study HELP

    Hi, everyone I need some help, I've just finished my business case study, and I was wondering if by any chance you guys could help the boys out and take a look at my case study for some feedback, room for improvement etc. I'm in no rush, take your time. It's only due in like two days Also, my...
  7. JohnnySins101

    Urgent Help, Economics assignment, Wage Growth

    Hi, Everyone I need help answering this question for my assessment task, Thanks in advance “Australia’s rate of wages growth appears to have troughed and there are reports that some employers are finding it more difficult to hire workers with the necessary skills” Analyse the evidence and...
  8. E

    UTS to USYD Bachelor of Economics

    Hey fellas, Anyone here possibly gone through the process of transferring from UTS to USYD for Bachelor of Economics? I’m about to start university at UTS but just missed out on the entry requirements for USYD Bachelor of Economics. What would the transfer scheme look like and how should I...
  9. scholarpuppy

    YR11 SUBJECT SELECTION help! thanks xx

    Hello! I am YR10 in a top selective school, soon going to go through the YR11 subject selection process and willing to accept any advice at all. I am aiming to get a 98+ atar and I hope to study entrepreneurship/economics and design a double degree or medicine. Thank you. I plan on taking: -...
  10. nourished.

    1-on-1 HSC Economics (97) tutoring | PM for notes on a concept of choice

    Year 11 and 12 HSC Economics 📈 Hi, I'm Ben. I graduated in 2017 with an ATAR of 98.30, and have been tutoring HSC Economics (97) for 4+ years. I'm a local tutor who prefers a more individual approach. So, I don't believe in rote learning and big group classes. Meaning I teach only 1-on-1...
  11. E


    Hi there guys, I am currently a year 10 student, going into the prelim course next year. So far these are my subjects that I have chosen Advanced Math Extension English Chemistry Economics Legal Studies SOR I I want to get a scope in terms of my subject choices early as I was contemplating...
  12. M

    URGENT - PLEASE HELP: eco hsc exam 1!!

    hey guys !!! i have my first hsc exam block starting thursday, and i have economics - 20% weighting (and biology) on friday 9am :o i'm not the best at economics, ESPECIALLY when it comes to essays (it's the opposite of english and english is my life !!) and i still haven't finished hsc topic 1...
  13. T


    Hi! I'm a recently graduated selective school student who is available for private Economics tutoring (years 11 and 12). I have over 2 years of teaching experience and a genuine passion for Economics. I will ensure that you achieve complete comprehensive understanding and genuine enjoyment of...
  14. N

    Highly Detailed Top 3 Rank Business Studies and Economics Notes For Sale

    Hi everyone, Since I have recently completed my HSC, I've decided to offer my notes and essay exemplars from Business Studies and Economics. This is because my ranks of 2nd and 3rd, respectively, have been largely attributed to my construction and utilisation of these high-quality note-sets. I...
  15. Z

    Drop Economics or Chemistry?? Please Help

    Hey All, I am currently doing Ext1 Math, ADV English, Legal Studies, Economics, Chemistry and Physics for perlims. I am planning to pick up ext2 math for year 12 and don't want to do 14 units. Thinking of either dropping economics or chemistry. Does anyone have any opinions on either of the...
  16. A

    Economics Textbook Answers

    hey! does anyone happen to have the 2020 The market economy dixon yr 11 workbook answers? I've done most of the questions but I'm not sure if my answers are correct, ESPECIALLY MULTIPLE CHOICE ughh. thank you!!
  17. A


    Hey guys! My name's Ashvin and I completed the HSC in 2016, achieving an ATAR of 99.95 alongside with being the dux of my school, Girraween High. I am currently enrolled in the Double Degree Medicine program at the University of Sydney, and in the past have also managed to successfully secure 5...
  18. M

    year 11; organisation

    hey guys! how do you recommend i organise for eco? should i use a laptop, book, etc? thank you!!
  19. F

    Notes/advice for Economics, Legal Studies, and Business Studies!

    Hi everyone! Attached below are really comprehensive notes for the 3 social sciences. (Geography ain't no science) I was a (somewhat) high achiever in the writing subjects. And here are some of my insights, which hopefully will help ease the pressure for some of you. 1. Don't make notes!! Use...
  20. A

    Chemistry or Economics

    Hey everyone, Is it easier to get a better ATAR is economics or chemistry?