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  • Yeah its an awesome timetable. I'm probs skipping Friday Aus Politics lecture. Apparently the texbook is ace, and so are the online lecture notes.

    Good luck with your scenario. :confused:
    Yeah, there should be Law mentoring, but I haven't received that form yet? :p

    All of Arts/Law is in Blue apparently. :p [So yes, I'm in Blue]
    Why thankyou, my year 12 teachers seem to like the idea as well :)

    Good luck to you, and I must say you seem pretty awesome yourself :D :wave:
    oh no way! in that case we can see this as a time saving exercise and just compare happenings :)

    yep, its pretty standard. i wanted to do history SO BADLY but decided that political economy would be equally as good (i hope)!

    and those sound epic i cant even imagine two languages, i have enough trouble with English!
    i know right! him and his books were so adorable, so amusing reading the text and hearing him speak it almost word for word back to you the next day! yeah he always spoke so fondly of Pymble :)

    thanks! so excited/terrified about starting!
    i managed to totally space on that form and am kicking myself! law mentoring i did fill in though, so perhaps there? if not then o week for sure!
    Hahahaha, I haven't got my student card yet.

    Nah, I'm only doing ECOP, GOVT and SCLG units. Economics is not really my thing, but Frank Stilwell (sp?) said that Economics is not necessary for ECOP, so I thought I'd try it out for first year. :)
    hmm, well i don't think ill need modern tutoring every weekend since i already have math tutoring on sunday mornings..
    i'll probably need tutoring for upcoming exams and reviews of my assesment tasks etc.
    do you reckon its fine to have on and off tutorings on sundays?
    if so, what time do you have?
    hey, i saw your thread about tutoring.
    i was wondering if you still have spots for business and modern history?
    Oh yeah, I guess it was like that =\

    Haha, yeah awesome. :) I'll hopefully see you around at Uni. :)
    Awesome. I'll see you in ECOP1001. Talked to him as well. :)

    Why was enrollment painful? =\

    My units are:
    - Australian Politics (GOVT1101)
    - World Politics (GOVT1202)
    - Economics as a Social Science (ECOP1001)
    - International Economy and Finance (ECOP1003)
    - Introduction to Sociology 1 (SCLG1001)
    - Introduction to Sociology 2 (SCLG1002)

    What are yours? :)
    Hey, just a few questions:
    - What are your units going to be for the first year?
    - How many units per semester are you guys doing?
    - What's the split have to be between Table A and B?
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