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  • My name is Mr McAlpin and I am now in semi retirement after teaching English to HSC level. I noticed your recent request on BOS about TS Eliot and I have some material that may help and I have taught that poem and have many notes on it . Im happy to share my thoughts with you if it will help . My email is enclosed and I will provide more details should you be keen to know more.

    I hope that you you respect the fact that I am a teacher offering to help you for nothing. I don't expect anything from you except you give me a name to use for you and that you address me as a teacher and call me Sir or Mr McAlpin .

    Anyway if you would like a suggestion from an English teacher who has a bit of time to help you feel free to ask. Hopefully you can get the answers you seek. My email is pamandian@iinet.net.au


    Mr I McAlpin
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