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  • Hi sir,
    I was wondering if you got my message?
    May I please have notes for the motorcycle diaries?
    Thank you
    Hi sir,
    I was just wondering whether you'd recommend memorising essays for trials, or just memorising quotes and working off them?
    Hey there, I saw that you've posted something about Module A - Looking for Richard, I reallllly need help with that as well, could you please send me something that would help me, I have my half yearly on Monday.
    Oh well sure, that would be wonderful. The timing might not be exact but I will be on later tonight. Ps, your inbox is full once again. Would it be more convenient if we talked via email?
    To Mr McAlpin

    Thank-you for your post on BOS regarding my English situation.

    I don't live anywhere Sydney and so would it be ok if I send information to you regarding English assignments, etc.?

    i checked out your information.
    was wondering if you could give me a brief and short summary of The Drover's Wife
    cause im doing my assignment now.

    did i explain properly before what i had to do ?
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