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  • Hey, that's okay haha, congratulations!!! You must be thrilled : D

    I didn't apply for arts (media/comm), though I was thinking about doing it. I applied for arts (advanced honours) instead. The cut-off went up this year (from 98.5 to 98.55), but yup, I got an offer!

    All the best for this year!
    your welcome lol you deserve it..well my hsc is next year but going through results like yours is great inspiration :)
    oh niceeeee were muse as awesome as expected???
    People have told me how awesome uni is, si I'm pretty excited. Hopefully it's not a let down lol, I'll tell you how it is in about 4 weeks.
    lol I definitely know how being capped and not being able to watch Chuck feels :(. Yeah year 12 was pretty awesome, best year imo. Yep uni for me this year, going to unsw for commerce. What are your aims/plans for next year?
    btw <3 your music taste.
    Yep best show definitely. I'm not sure if you've watched the latest ep so I'm not going to ruin it or anythig, but that last scene with the Carla Bruni music playing was just insanely perfect.
    btw how is year 12 going for you?
    It sure is!!! I love it, so glad Season 3 is on. I think we had a conversation about Chuck once, that's if you had Yvonne in your sig??
    I honestly have no direction at the moment. So many idea's running through my head yet i can't seem to settle on one.
    I love the sound of your PIP topic, where did you draw your 'inspiration' (to use a wanky english word) from?
    I really like that topic, will you be looking at fiction as well as print media etc?
    For HX I'll be doing children overboard. Not sure what focus area, but i will most likely drop it. It was just a safety net in case i detested EX2. I love both and i wish i could keep them but I'm far too lazy to carry 11 units :)
    Well, PIP topics good (I hope) but actually getting around to doing it is not :).
    Mine this far (the words need refining) The representation of mental illness in the media and how this shapes peoples perceptions.
    Whats yours? and whats your HX topic?
    my holidays were the best no study got done like every other school holidays i've had so far :)
    I saw 4 movies :) up (3d), surrogates, g-force (3d) and The Final Destination (3d) :)

    what is one thing you saw in euro that you will never forget?
    I agree, must be worth it :) haha i think my plans for study might fail too! :(

    i shall start from today! I need to keep the knowledge i gain for quite some time before i complete the actual test at the RTA :)

    35 hours :jaw: i have zilch!
    to get your Ps?
    about 40 hours away then!? countdown starts ...NOW! How much did it cost for you? Must have been subsidised somehow? awww your head teacher is sooo wonderful, doing things for her students :)
    Looks like you won't be having anytime to study for year 12?

    Oh how many days of online practise DKT will it take for me to guarantee a pass? 5 days? more or less?

    did anything? meaning you didn't touch a car after getting your Ls?
    same i just want my license :)
    yer i know, it sucks :(
    but im happy that theyre not pressuring me to do medicine anymore, lol, they learnt from my brother that they cant force us to do anything, coz its jus gonna backfire hehe
    thats one relief :D
    wat bout u??
    wat u wanna do later??
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