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  • nice nice, have you heard therest of his new album? leaked onto the net yesterday

    I have been good, busy with uni, studying for end of semester exams.
    how about you?
    aww :(
    ohh lol, you 18 this yr?
    i find out if i get one of them on the 25th and i'm not sure about the others
    whao... that doesnt sound too fun :(
    lol hopefully
    :s...they are the strictest parents i've heard of
    will they let you move out when you are older? :S
    thanks :)
    naww... what about when you turn 18? will you be able to go by yourself then Oo... LOL at your mum... nah not pathetic... you cant help it... what if you want to go to a friends? :s
    i dnt wanna go there because i wanna go to USNW :) best engineering university of Australia. hopefully i get a scholarship from UNSW

    aww :( lol strict indeed
    :O how come you cant go to the state library
    good :D
    the scholarship was for the universioty of queensland... but i dnt wanna go there
    lol :) how far from the beach do you live?
    :O state library... guess thats pretty big :p... goodluck with your speech :)
    haha you better
    i live 30km south of the NSW/QLD border... about 20km west from the coast... so pretty close to the beach :)
    i hope its good :D... im turning down a $24,000 scholarship to go there :s ...
    i dnt know anyone that ive met face to face in sydney but i 'know' a BoSers...they all seem like cool people :)... like you :p

    started you PIP yet??? get to work!!!
    nice... i want to go UNSW
    my friends tried warning me that its overpopulated with asians XD but idc
    THANKS!!! :)
    ooo i see, goodluck with it.
    cool 80's are good, that would place you 3rd in my year XD
    do you know what you wanna do yet?
    and LOL thanks again
    haha... whats a pip? Oo
    :D love it, no more HSC
    my results were pretty good... dissapointed in english but owell, its over :)
    ATAR=94.3 ^^
    what are you aiming for?
    oo hai... not much, jsut been bored at home for most of these holidays... how are your hols going?
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