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  • sorry only macroeconomics is still available. Its current price is $85. But if you do choose to buy this macro one, i can give it to u for $70.

    hello there. Wharton is probably the hardest one to get into. Try to keep your WAM when applying to be at least 85 (that is high distinction at uni) to be competitive. The other things to be handed in are the same for applying to any exchange partners: resume, statement of purpose, letter of recommendation, credit transfer forms etc. It's a long process.

    After you get the Wharton nomination, there will be more to do requested by UPenn, eg more questions to answer, application forms, housing etc...

    Best advice is to keep a high WAM, which is the main differentiator. One, maybe two gets a Wharton place every semester. So yeah, hope this gives you more information.

    Regarding QMA, don't worry about it too much, it's pretty easy, just keep on top of each week's work :).
    thanks mate. that was really helpful, working on adjusting the timetable now. I'm doing just commerce degree. Looking to Actuarial studies so instead of econ1203 I have to do MATH1151 and MATH1251. Hopefully I can get it down to 3 days.
    hey man. i saw your posts in the enrollment thread and you said you made your timetable for bachelor of commerce right?? well i was just wondering for first semester we are doing all core courses right, so in rectangles do i just type in the core course name or are there specific classes to choose from?? lol sorry if that is a bit muddled up, i've tried searching everywhere: the handbook keeps linking back to previous versions which aren't that helpful either. thanks for reading this btw :)
    do as much calculus as humanly possible to familiarise yourself with the concept of how derivatives affect curves so you can find the min and max points of those

    make sure you know your basic algebra equation solving (i know it sounds stupid but you get rideculous equations that you must solve for sometimes using quadratics, simultanous, or simply just remembering algebra equation rules)

    matrices you cannot really prepare for its not covered in high school

    you will find finance component of qma easy and will probably kill it, dont get cocky it doesnt count for much

    i stress the importance of calculus and algebra equation solving; those where my 2 weaknesses throughout the entire degree w/ only general maths

    good luck buddy
    ahhh i see :)

    umm im doing bachelor of commerce/bachelor of science at usyd... hopefully i make the cut off... and hopefully im making the right decision >_<
    i cant reply to u by PM for some reason so heres my reply..

    yeah i went to bede... McCarthy hmm.. rings a bell, you probably did come play at our school for sport at some stage :p
    what suburb is McCarthy in?

    and thanks :)
    I was a bit concerned about receiving it as the requirement was an UAI equivalent of 90.00 or higher, and my ATAR (which is supposedly higher than the UAI) was 90.10.

    The day the ATARs were released though, I received an email from UWS inviting me to the V.I.P day, and a "congratulations on your achievement in obtaining an outstanding ATAR", as well as a reminder of the scholarship, which I took for being accepted.

    This morning I also received an early offer into the UWS preferences I listed.

    I don't think I've formally been notified that I'm eligible for the scholarship, though that's what I assume those 2 emails mean...
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